Graduate students host research summit

Geese, reproduction hormones and climate change all have one thing in common:  UAA Graduate research.  On April 8, the Graduate Student Association will partner with UAA’s Environment and Natural Resources Institute to present a research summit.

The summit will include the findings from over a dozen research studies.  Of particular note are the studies involving Alaskan wildlife such as gray wolves, moose (foraging), bears, fish and geese.  Another study examined the weight gain among freshmen students.  A literature review completed by Jennifer Jones found a link between climate changes and violence toward women, specifically Indigenous women in Northern regions of the world.

Sponsors of the event say the goal is to get the word out about research being done at UAA as well as to provide an opportunity for mingling between departments.  Door prizes are set to given out as well.

The presentations can be April 8 at the Allied Health Sciences building beginning at 9 a.m.