Grad students kick off new year, new dean introduced

The graduate school continues to grow at an impressive speed.

“Graduate studies are moving fast—you’ve come at a good time,” Chancellor Tom Case said.

Associate Dean David R. Yesner said that there are 200 new graduate students for this fall in addition to the 1,000 the school had last year.

The Graduate Student Welcome Reception began in 2010. About 150 people attended, according to Director Elisa Mattison.

The new Dean of the Graduate School, Helena Wisniewski was introduced. Wisniewski accepted this position, as well as Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, on August 22.

Wisniewski said she was impressed with GSA’s organization of the graduate symposium and scholarship program.

“As you recognize, the University of Alaska–Anchorage is a great university, and has the position for even more greatness. You, as the graduate students, are certainty responsible for these achievements and contributions to push this even further.”

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The event is also a resource fair. 14 different UAA organizations from the Wolf Card Office to Health Services were present.  Each agreed that graduate students experience UAA a bit differently than undergrads.

With their Wolfcard, Graduate students can automatically check books out longer. They are one of two groups who must buy health insurance in order to attend UAA (the other group is international students).

Door prizes included tickets to hockey games, gift cards to the Cuddy center and bookstore, as well as a semester parking permit.

New and returning graduate students were present, as well as faculty from all departments. Liz Synder at the Department of Health Sciences brought her 5 month year old Finn, who sucked on a carrot as the line for wine and beer grew.