Google fails with Mind Eraser drink recipe

When looking for a new drink to try, don’t just Google a combination of your favorite ingredients and pick the easiest one — especially if it has a ridiculous name.

For fans of Kahlúa and vanilla vodka, the Mind Eraser may seem appealing, but it’ll disappoint if you find the wrong recipe.

This regrettable version calls for three ounces of Kahlúa, three ounces of vanilla vodka, a splash of club soda and ice. Either combine the ingredients and stir, or pour them into a shaker and go nuts. Ice in the drink is OK.

The problem with this recipe is that no ingredient is added to dilute the Kahlúa. Sure, the club soda and vodka are there, but there isn’t enough of either to do the job properly. The club soda only adds fizz.

The flavor is sweet and thick, almost syrupy. It smells and tastes like straight Kahlúa. The vanilla vodka is completely hidden. Other than carbonation and bubbles, you’re essentially drinking straight Kahlúa. The kick, depending on how generous you are with the vodka, doesn’t come until the end, when the vodka’s burn hits the back of your throat.

That’s it — the drink is essentially just lightly carbonated Kahlúa with a vodka burn.

Wasting alcohol is a party foul, whether you’re at a party or not. And because this drink is so sweet and syrupy, you’d consider it if you made the mistake of mixing one yourself.

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But, there’s a quick fix to make the cocktail more palatable and last longer: Turn it into a carbonated White Russian.

Grab some milk, half-and-half creamer or liquid non-dairy creamer, and pour it into the glass. Add to taste and then stir.

The end result is leagues better than the Mind Eraser. And remember the overall lesson here: Google can find what you’re looking for, but it doesn’t always know if the result is good.


Drink: Mind Eraser

Ingredients: Kahlúa, vanilla vodka, club soda, ice

ABV: ~30.5%

Rating: 1