Glee Club is welcoming new voices

The Glee Club at UAA is in its ninth year as an a cappella singing community.

The Glee Club has been around since 2010; it has averaged around 20 students per semester. Every semester, the club meets three times a week to sing and rehearse for their end-of-semester recital.

The musical group is ready to start their 18th season with familiar and new faces this semester by holding auditions.

Auditions for Glee Club are being held Sunday, Jan. 27 in room 124 of the Fine Arts Building from noon to 4 p.m. Students will sing a one-minute song of their choice in a cappella and then follow a small choreographed dance. It’s recommended to wear something comfortable for the audition.

“It’s really to see who’s willing to take instruction, and who’s willing to take feedback and work with it,” Austin Rochon said.

Rochon is the musical director for the Glee Club and a senior at UAA, majoring in music education with an emphasis in voice. He’s been a part of the Glee Club for four and a half years and has enjoyed the sense of community the club has created.

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“We’re a family, everyone in Glee, it’s just a group of people that will listen to you and talk things out with you if you’re having any issues,” Rochon said. “That’s been my favorite thing, just knowing that I have a group of people that have my back if anything ever goes wrong.”

Elena Peyton-Jones, another member of the Glee Club, echoed Rochon in his statement about the club being a family. She says she feels “really lucky” for having met her friends through Glee Club and bonding over their love of music.

There’s only one thing that I think dramatizations like ‘Glee’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’ got right, and that’s the sense of community that comes along with singing groups. Glee Club attracts the kind of people who are excited about music, and even more importantly, excited to share music they love with other people,” Peyton-Jones said.

Glee Club typically meets Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the semester. If students cannot make the in-person audition on Jan. 27, they can send in a video submission before that day.

“If anyone feels like maybe they can’t sing or they don’t feel comfortable singing on stage, Glee club is a very good way to learn how to be a performer and become more comfortable with yourself,” Rochon said. “Anyone can sing and all it takes is a first step.”

For updates and additional information on the Jan. 27 auditions or more, find the Glee Club at UAA on Facebook under the same name or email them at [email protected]