Get Down and Derby at Alaska’s First Party on Wheels


Down and Derby, a roller disco party company, is making an appearance in Anchorage on Saturday, June 17 to start off the summer solstice with a bang. This event will be located in the Alaska Aviation Heritage museum, in the Odom Hangar from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

“Down and Derby is the coolest roller skating party since roller-skating was cool,” Jake Miles, co-owner of Alaska’s First Party on Wheels event, said. “Our goal is to put wheels on a whole new generation of skaters across the country.”

Down and Derby started in 2006 and quickly grew popular in Las Vegas, where they held events twice a month at the Gold Spike Hotel and Casino. Miles and his partner decided to expand the party throughout the U.S. and now are making their first appearance in Anchorage on June 17.

“My partner, Richard and I were doing roller skating parties across the entire city of Las Vegas, skating in night clubs to downtown Las Vegas at the Beauty Bar and Gold Spike Casino,” Miles said. “We saw an opportunity to show people a good time in a unique way, so we capitalized on something that had never been done before, essentially skating where you never thought you’d be able to skate at.”

After spending years hosting Down and Derby events, Miles moved back to Alaska and wanted to bring the good times with.

“It’s been a great ride… all the way up, to Alaska! There’s been a good amount of retro-themed parties in Anchorage and Girdwood. I’ve always wanted to bring DD up to Alaska since the day I moved back up here, determined to give back to Alaska and make my mark, for all that she’s done for me,” Miles said.

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It took time to convince venues to hold this event, but after many rejections, the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum agreed and will be having four Down and Derby events throughout the summer ending in August.

“I’ve been to the location in Las Vegas at the Gold Spike and I grew up roller-skating in Alaska. This is a dream come true for me personally to incorporate a live DJ-ing with roller-skating for adults,” Chris Covington, known as DJ Covy, said.

During the event, there will be a classic limbo contest, with prizes given away throughout the span of the night. Music will be provided by DJ Covy and Joe Bradly to spice up the night and keep the party going. There will be pizza provided by Great Alaska Pizza Company and Redbull will be having an official Alaskan summer edition launch with two new drink additions, Acai Berry and Grapefruit Twist.

“My favorite things about DD is that I get to see all my friends and family’s beautiful faces have a good time, while being active during the summer: all congregating for a drink, skating and a piece of pizza. I’m ecstatic that I get to call this event a grown-up roller-skating party and Alaska’s first party on wheels,” Miles said. “This goes out to all my fellow Alaskans — don’t miss out on the coolest grown-up roller skating party, you won’t be disappointed.”

When many think of rollerskating, they thing of their childhood days at birthday parties at the local Skateland. Down and Derby is giving adults a chance to relieve those party days and let loose.

“I am looking most forward to reliving the glory days of Skateland but with alcohol, I feel like even if you don’t want to skate this is going to be a unique event where many people can experiment with roller skates without judgement,” Paige Daugherty, Anchorage resident, said. “I sure hope this event is successful being a local bartender I’m so tired of the same crappy downtown bar scene. Same bars with the same bad drinks and the same DJs every weekend.”

Tickets can be purchased online before the event for $15 or for $20 at the door. This is a 21 and over event, taking place on June 17 at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Although this is Alaska’s first party on wheels, it will not be the last.