Frolf course review: Hanshew Middle School

A frisbee golf baskets sits just outside the main building of Hanshew Middle School. Hanshew Middle School's 'frolf' course has nine holes, and is located at 10121 Lake Otis Pkwy.

Contrary to the bad reputation that the Hanshew Middle School disc golf course has, I find it to be a personal favorite.

The course is only a half course, with nine holes that work their way from the track, to the woods across the parking lot, and eventually all the way around the building.

The course is a great for learning and for practice. Frolfers can practice straight shots, distance shots, putting and tricky woods shots.

The only complaint I have, is that there is really no hole that you can put everything into without overshooting. This is rarely a personal problem of mine, but for a few of my fellow frolfers it has been.

The starting spots are not clearly shown, and unlike many other local courses Hanshew does not have a map of the course. Luckily though, most days the course has other frolfers that you can follow.

On nice days, be careful at the start of the course. Right by the first hole, families play baseball, and by the second hole some folks play basketball, and by the fourth hole you are next to the track. To deter the amount of injury to innocent bystanders, be careful, aim, and even consider pausing in your game.

Hanshew always seems to be a touch windy, so think your throw through.

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Hanshew is one of the more relaxing courses in town. Yes, you may run into a few frolf muggles but it is usually quiet, and is a quick game.