Free Chinese workshops, holiday celebrations

The UAA Confucius Institute is a Chinese language organization dedicated to helping members of the community further their understanding of Chinese culture and language.

The Confucius Institute hosts several events throughout the year and offers free help with learning the language.

This semester, they hosted a total of nine lectures. Four of the lectures were given by experts, while the other five were given by the staff and teachers from the Confucius Institute.

On Nov. 29, the last lecture of the semester will be presented by Chinese professor and director of the Confucius Institute, Annie Zeng, on the topic of Chinese tea culture.

“This one is going to be interesting because not only will I talk about the different types of tea and their benefits, but we will also provide several types of tea for people to try,” Zeng said.

The Confucius Institute offers more than lectures, workshops and holiday events. They also offer a free Chinese conversation table event and Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi test training. The HSK, or Chinese Proficiency Test, measures a non-native speakers proficiency in the Chinese language. Anyone who wants to study at a Chinese university, or who wants to prove their proficiency in Chinese can take one.

“Learning a language is more than just taking a class to satisfy the general education requirements. It is also a way to broaden a student’s view of the world. It is like a window. We offer them the means of building a basic understanding of the language and the culture of China. They can choose to aim higher, and if they do we are here to help them,” Zeng said.

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The Confucius Institute also hosts workshops on a monthly basis for the community to join. A Chinese painting workshop will be hosted on Nov. 25 in Room 303 of Rasmuson Hall from 1 to 2 p.m.

The institute hosts Chinese holiday events, with two planned out for the spring semester: the Spring Festival and the Chinese Lantern Festival. The Spring Festival is on Jan. 1 and the Lantern Festival is on Jan. 15 on the lunar calendar.

Although a date has not been decided for these two events, Zeng says that they may be hosted sometime in early February.

More information for all of the Confucius Institute’s events and services can be found on the UAA website, or by visiting their office located in Rasmuson Hall, Room 115.