Fourth vice chancellor candidate presents at open forums

Candidates for Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services have presented at open forums to the UAA community throughout February. Candidate Beverly Cotton Shuford answered questions at open forums Feb. 14-15.

The administrative services position is one of the highest ranking and paying positions at UAA. The vice chancellor oversees Facilities and Campus Services, Athletics, Human Resource Services, University Police Department, Information Technology Services and Administrative Services at UAA.

Cotton Shuford is Associate Vice President of Budget and Analytics at the University of North Texas. She has Bachelor’s of Business Administration degrees in finance and accounting, a Master’s of Science in accounting and she has almost completed a doctorate in higher education administration, according to her resume.

Beverly Cotton Shuford answers questions at a public forum for candidates for Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services. Cotton Shuford is the associate vice president of Budget and Analytics at the University of North Texas. Photo credit: Jay Guzman

“Why UAA? Looking at it, if I was going to leave the state of Texas, I was going to leave it big,” Cotton Shuford said. “So it meets that criteria, but also looking at Anchorage and UAA, what is done here, Anchorage is a nice size city. It’s not too little, it’s not too big.”

Before working at the University of Texas, Cotton Shuford was the vice president of business and finance at the Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University. She has also worked at Texas Tech University, Wayland Baptist University and Oakwood United Methodist Church in positions in administration to teaching. Cotton Shuford said she is interested in the vice chancellor for administrative services position because of the impact she thinks she could have.

“What we do here makes such difference. We do lots of good things in Texas, but I don’t always get to see the results… It’s so big that I don’t always get to see what happens,” Cotton Shuford said.

Director of Parking Services, Glenna Muncy, asked what experience Cotton Shuford has with auxiliary services, like parking, housing and dining.

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“Budget and finance is a big portion of this position, but in addition, you’re also overseeing the athletics facilities, deferred maintenance, public safety, and the diverse group of folks underneath you,” Muncy said. “What are some ways you envision you could pull that diverse team together as a division and celebrate some success?”

Cotton Shuford said she has experience with graduate housing at one of her previous jobs, and that her vision for the university overall is for it to become more independent in its revenue sources.

“I really think UAA needs to be less appropriation dependent, and… find other revenue sources, which means what’s the right level of tuition to charge students,” Cotton Shuford said.

Cotton Shuford said she also envisioned a university that actively recruited students outside of the State of Alaska more.

“If you want to grow the university with more students, then you’ve got to go outside and bring them in,” Cotton Shuford said.

The last candidate forums were held Feb. 21-22 and Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, Pat Shier, answered questions from university stakeholders. You can read about his forum in the paper next week. There are a total of five candidates for Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services.