‘Foundations’ art show displays student talent

Photo by Tim Brown

Every master of an art has to start somewhere. From Nov. 21-Dec. 6, the Student Union Gallery will be host to the “Foundations” show, which features the work of 100- and 200-level UAA art students. Don’t be fooled by their limited experience, though. These artists have talent and creativity.

Asia Bauzon, a student in Color Theory and 2-D Design, has two pieces featured in the show: “Tape and Color Study No. 1” and “Tape and Color Study No. 5.”

“The two pieces I have in the ‘Foundations’ show were both accidents. It started when a piece of packing tape I was working with stuck to the work table. When I pulled it up, old paint splatters and mess came up with it. The colors were so interesting that I couldn’t just throw it away, so it was integrated into the collage project,” Bauzon said.

For many students it was their first time ever being featured in a gallery.

“I’m really excited. I haven’t had my piece displayed in a gallery before,” said undeclared major Curtis Thorne, a beginning photography student. Thorne, however, has had artwork displayed in the Old School Division (where artists can only use black and white film photography) at the Alaska State Fair. He won first place in the division with his photography.

Oddly enough for this Old School Division winner, he didn’t even know about the “Foundations” show.

“My teacher contacted me and said, ‘Hey, there is a show going on in the gallery, and I think your piece would be perfect.’ So he kind of put me up for it. It was exciting to know that he was actually thinking about my work and looking at it,” Thorne said.

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The show displays Thone’s his black-and-white film self-portrait. He says the piece shows his interest in art and music.

“It’s really cool to see people’s reactions and their interactions with it,” he said, in reference to his work in the gallery.


The “Foundations” show will be open from Nov. 21-Dec. 6. The gallery is open Monday through Thursday 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission is free.