Five most overdone & outdated Valentine’s Day gifts

Every year we celebrate the year’s

only day dedicated to love by

going out and spending copious

amounts of cash on trinkets for

our signifi cant others. It’s a day

that can stump the most creative

lovers with what to get that

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special someone. Here’s a quick

list of the obvious “please avoid

at all cost” gifts of love.


Surprise, surprise. You bought

them candy. You and everyone else

are making sure Russell Stover

makes their yearly sales plan.

While a generally appreciated gift

(who doesn’t love chocolate?), it is

a predictable one at best. Maybe try

spicing it up with a candy bouquet

or maybe a giant lollypop. Less

predictable and just as sweet.


Have that reservation at Orso’s

all lined up? While romantic

and probably delicious, don’t be

surprised if you witness every

other couple in Anchorage all

dressed up and googly-eyed. So

go ahead, order the Cr?me Brulee.

It’s easier than creativity.


Flowers are beautiful and

uniquely satisfying – if it’s not a

holiday when every other person

you know is getting a bouquet.

Plus, how can you know if the

bouquet you’re getting her is going

to bigger and better than the chick

with the desk right next to hers? Is

that a risk you’re willing to take?


They say diamonds are a girl’s

best friend, and it’s mostly true.

They’re beautiful and are the

easiest way of proving to a lady

that you have some cash you’re

willing to invest with her. But

a pair of diamond earrings on

V-Day? No one’s ever thought of



Yeah. You plan on having sex on Valentine’s Day. When told, this is

the reaction I would expect:

“Really? Wow, I never would have thought of having sex today.

Defi nitely not what I was expecting. Fancy dinner too?”

This is a lie. Now, you should defi nitely “get some” if you have the

option, but if that’s your only Valentine’s gift, try again or fi nd someone

else to have sex with, because while more exciting than fl owers, it is

defi nitely not original.