Five most dangerous roads

Fender benders occur on Providence Drive more often than anywhere else on campus, police reports show. Road and parking lot closures on the east side of campus have added to motor-vehicle collisions on Providence Drive.

Alyssa Barnes, a sophomore majoring in theatre, said she rear-ended a compact car with her Chevrolet pickup truck on Providence Drive at the Seawolf Drive intersection during evening rush hour on Oct. 1 because congestion caused traffic to stand still through green lights.

“I thought I could go. I just was on my way home,” she said at the scene of the accident.

The collision shut down one lane of traffic on Seawolf Drive while Barnes exchanged information with the owner of the compact car and waited for her traffic ticket.

Anchorage officer Brian Burton issued Barnes a citation for failing to exercise due care, a two-point deduction on her driver’s license. Losing 12 points in as many months could result in driver’s license suspension, according to the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles.

At least 24 motor-vehicle collisions occurred on Providence Drive in the last 12 months, reports show.

Accidents in parking lots occur almost as often as accidents on Providence Drive, said University Police Chief Dale Pittman.

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“Most of our accidents occur in the parking lots, usually from unsafe backing,” he said.

Congested areas on campus, including UAA Drive near the spine connecting the Engineering Building to the Science Building, are also accident-prone areas, he said.

Pedestrians cause traffic congestion that causes the number of collisions to increase, Pittman said. By gathering on the sidewalks and waiting just 10 seconds to cross, he thinks pedestrians could reduce the number of accidents.

On Alumni Loop Road, Pittman said accidents occur most often because drivers fail to yield on green when turning left from Providence Drive.

To increase parking and reduce congestion, UAA is extending Fine Arts Lane so that it becomes Loop Road and connects to UAA Drive behind the Integrated Sciences Building and parking currently under construction, he said.

The parking garage could have 445 spaces in three levels, according to the Facilities and Land Management Committee.

The UAA East Campus Parking Structure and Loop Road project costs are estimated at more than $17 million.

This construction caused 130 parking spaces to be closed around the Fine Arts and Administration/ Humanities buildings, according to reports made by the Facilities and Land Management Committee in April. The project is scheduled for completion in July 2009.

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Traffic collisions around campus

Since October 2006, university police responded to 78 reports of motor vehicle collisions, police said. The majority occurred in parking lots, according to reports. The five areas leading in the number of collisions occurring on roads and intersections combined are the following:

Providence Drive 24
Parking lots 22
West Campus Drive 8
UAA Drive 7
Alumni Loop Road 6