Five ways to get to the Governor’s Cup

  1. Road trip For the die hard Seawolf fan and college student, this is likely the most feasible option. By inviting two buddies to come along, one can cut the gas bill in three. With the right friends, junk food and music playlist, 359 miles of highway will be a breeze. Don’t forget to call 5-1-1 in advance to learn of the road conditions you’ll be facing.
  2. Fly 15,000 air miles may not seem like a lot, but its enough to buy you a round trip ticket to Fairbanks this weekend. There are four Anchorage departures to Fairbanks on Friday morning alone. Where else can you even travel for that amount of miles? No where, that’s where.
  3. Ice skate What could be a more fitting way to travel to a hockey game? It can be easy to forget the usefulness of our network of rivers here in Alaska when we tend to ogle that glaciers that spawn many of them. There’s the Copper, Tanana, Yukon, Susitna and the list goes on. Get some exercise by taking one of these original “Alaska Highways” to the Golden Heart City. Don’t forget your headlamp and toe warmers!
  4. Stowaway Guess who’s joining our 22 student-athletes to Fairbanks? Their hockey gear. If you’ve ever seen the size of a hockey bag, you know there is plenty of room to fit a human being inside one. Just ask the team’s equipment manager to “volunteer” packing the hockey gear up, and then when the opportunity presents itself, zip yourself inside and hold on tight. Just try not to traumatize an unsuspecting Seawolf!
  5. Television I lied. This is actually the most feasible option for a college student on a tight budget. Check your local listings and kitchen cupboard for the popcorn ahead of time!