Exercising during finals

UAA’s 2013 fall semester draws to an end as finals week begins. Many students find themselves exercising their brains but neglecting their bodies as they prepare for their finals. And for other students, they find refuge from the stress in exercising, which according to WebMD is “one of the best ways to manage stress.”

“I’m getting fat. It’s terrible,” said nursing major Dylan Lance about not exercising in the weeks leading up to finals.

Lance normally works out three or four times a week, but he says he hasn’t had the time while he studies for Anatomy and Physiology and Introduction to Organic Chemistry, specifically.

Lance isn’t the only one feeling like he doesn’t have enough time to make for working out either.

“Going to the gym is extremely beneficial for me,” said Rich Whitney, a double major in philosophy and history. Whitney says working out is good for “weight loss, improving endurance and strength” as well as being “healthy and good for relieving stress.”

Whitney attends the gym four times weekly, but he hasn’t had the time to go while he prepares for finals, going only twice in the last week.

“I’m not relieving the stress through physical exertion, but instead focusing wholly on my studies,” Whitney said.

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Some students don’t even find the time when finals aren’t looming in the near future.

“I just don’t exercise,” said fine arts major Sam Gonzalez.

Other students, however, find themselves exercising just as much as normal — if not more — in attempts to take a break from the strenuous studying.

“I’m probably going to run tomorrow all the way to the Wells Fargo Sports Complex, play volleyball and run back. I do that every Monday and Wednesday,” said Gerhard Sells, who is majoring in International Studies and Languages. “When I’m frustrated with classes or have something going on, I usually take a break to go on a run or exercise. I usually feel a lot better after I go for a run.”

Like Sells, many other students at UAA feel that working out is a stress reliever. However, studying for finals has taken the lead on their priorities.

“I can’t go to the gym as much because I have to study for finals,” said mechanical engineering major Garrison Theroux.

Theroux finds the gym a way to relieve stress. saying, “I’m stressed out because of finals, and I can’t go to the gym so I’m stressed out more than ever.”

As the semester closes students may find themselves stressed but should keep strong because break is only a few days away. Whether one exercises or tries to purely focus on studying, he or she should try to find a healthy balance between working hard and taking a break.