Error results in additional charge at UAA

If UAA students think they have paid
their semester fee in full, they might want to
check again.
A billing error has left many student
accounts with a $5 charge even if the rest of
their account has been paid, due to a mistake
in not charging the increased Concert Board
“[The fee] was shown in one place and not
in another,” said Soren Orley, Associate Vice
Chancellor of Financial Services. “It was an
innocent mistake.”
It is not known exactly how many students
still owe the rest of the fee.
Despite the error, students taking more
than three credits who were only charged
$5 will still have to pay the additional $5,
since the fee increase to $10 was approved
by student voters in Spring of 2008 and
approved by University of Alaska President
Mark Hamilton.
No late fees or holds will be placed on
accounts with only the unpaid $5, Orley
said. Students with other outstanding bills,
however, will still be charged the appropriate
late fees and have other disciplinary action
occur if their bill is not paid.
“Students can’t use this as an excuse [to
not pay outstanding bills],” Orley said.
Students will not be able to register for
classes next semester if the $5 is not paid.
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Linda Lazzell said that everyone is trying
to work as quickly as possible to correct
the error, but that students should be aware
that they voted on this and that despite the
error, the fee must still be paid.
“Students should understand a mistake
was made and that the fee is for the good
of the Concert Board,” Lazzell said.
The Concert Board scheduled their
events this year to include the increased
revenue brought in from the fee. Bringing
in big name events like The Roots
in November was a benefi t of the fee
increase, said Concert Board Coordinator
Zac Clark.
“It wouldn’t be possible without the
fee,” Clark said.
The Concert Board is getting ready to
release its offi cial schedule for the coming
year, which includes an event at the
Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center,
said Clark.
Students who still have to pay the fee
can either pay online with a credit card or
in cash at the University Center.