Dr. Rosay stands up to violence

As violence pervades society and numbers of sexual assault cases in Alaska grow rapidly, there are a few individuals standing up to put a stop to these tragedies. One of these individuals is Dr. Andre Rosay.

Rosay, director of the Justice Center at UAA, was recently awarded a contract by the Governor’s office for the Fall 2010. Rosay will provide research services to support the Governor’s Initiative in an effort to end the epidemic of domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska, according to a recent Justice Center press release.

Knowing that he’s working on something so incredibly important to Alaska, one has to wonder: who is this man?

“My experience working with Dr. Rosay has been fabulous. He is extremely knowledgeable, has a clear vision in his plans for research and generously gives credit to all parties involved in research projects,” Marny Rivera, Assistant Professor at the Justice Center, said.

Rosay is a conscientious leader; he is an experienced and knowledgeable researcher. He is well liked and respected by colleagues and agency partners statewide, across the nation and internationally, stated Rivera.

“It is excellent that the Governor’s office recognizes and welcomes the valuable contribution that empirical research findings have in shaping policies and programs designed to reduce family violence and violence against women,” Rivera said. “We are fortunate at UAA and in Alaska to have Dr. Rosay’s expertise informing research and policy on the problem of violence against women in our state — a tragedy that occurs at troubling rates and far exceeds both rates in other states and national averages.”

His current work concerning the Governor’s initiative will establish baselines that will determine if and how well the project is working, according to Sharon Chamard, Associate Professor of the Justice Department.

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The director is achieving these baselines through detailed analysis of case outcomes. This analysis will describe the processing of both cases and charges that are referred to the Alaska Department of Law for prosecution, according to the press release.

“This is very important work. Domestic violence and sexual assault are serious social problems in Alaska. The Governor’s Initiative is an excellent step forward,” Chamard said.  “The inclusion of Dr. Rosay on the Governor’s team shows that evaluation is a big part of this effort. So often politicians promote policies but never factor in any way to determine if the policies actually work.”

Rosay has worked hard to get where he is today. His work will serve to benefit many Alaskans both presently and in the future.

“I am personally very proud of him. In the time I have known him, he has worked steadily toward the point where he is a nationally-recognized expert in the area of violence against women,” Chamard said. “He and various colleagues have developed datasets that are simply astonishing in their detail about sexual violence. Despite these tremendous accomplishments, he continues to be a modest man who genuinely cares about his colleagues and students, the Justice Center and UAA and his community of Anchorage and Alaska.”