Discovering the magic of male ‘pleasure points’

SNSSay you’re a person trying to please your hard-working man. Sure, you can please him by stimulating his shaft, but that takes the fun away from actually exploring his body. You may even find yourself knowing more about your partner’s pleasure points than he does himself, giving him an instant, gratifying surprise.

Let’s begin with the male’s primary centerpiece — the penis. This body part, if greatly gifted, hangs low. When excited, the hanging ceases and the penis begins to rise. If a man is gifted, it remains hanging and gets longer due to a shift in his weight. Four common ways of stimulating a man’s genitalia are intercourse through the anus, vagina, mouth and manually.

Here are a few tips that you can add to your penile repertoire.

The tip of the penis is filled with many nerve endings. When giving head, try to stimulate this part of the shaft before going in for the kill (swallowing whole). You may even want to gently kiss the snake before doing so to show that you are of good will.

When you’ve established your oral oscillations, it’s time to maybe pay attention to the rest of the shaft. For a man gifted well, the hands can be the perfect winter jacket, simply slide your hands up and down the shaft. For a man slightly less gifted, just use one hand to stimulate the lower shaft while keeping close attention to the head of the shaft as well. You want to be able to find the perfect balance between your mouth and hands. They must work as one. Many people tend to use blowjobs and hand jobs as separate functions, but when combined, they create a wonderful sensation.

The next step is intercourse. Anyone can easily place his or her anal cavity or vagina to a man’s shaft, but it takes a real pleasure professional to take the work from the man and let him sit back for a change. Your male partner’s pleasure shouldn’t come too soon. Ease yourself in, and let it come slowly. Guide this beast into his ascending journey into a climax he will never forget.

In truth, men like warm holes that are just right and tight. Have you ever wondered why the second or third time for a man is always better? It is because the vulva swells, creating a cushioned entrance for the man’s head to penetrate. This mirrors the lips when giving oral. Take it slow with the gyrations. Think of it is a dance, a sensual experience you both can indulge in.

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When taking it slow, you can kiss his body to increase arousal. You will sense when it’s time to amp up the passion.

Right when your man approaches climax, take yourself out. This is a trick that will finish him in complete ecstasy for the night. Return to the oral sex. You will now basically make love with his shaft while at the same time taking hold of his testicles. Rub them softly. Remember the testicles are also sex organs, and you don’t want to leave them out.

As your man is closing into his orgasm, gently press with your finger the area between his testicles and his anus. This area is the prostate, where great pleasure also originates within men. This new experience will leave him in awe.

Male genitals are complex, but if you know how to tame the beast, you can also tame its master.