Dessert cocktail good anytime

Presto, a Reese's Martini. Photo by Heather Hamilton

Even though the infused Vodka is not sold in stores, creating the infusion is easy. However, if you want to try this drink, you’ll need to be patient. Combine vodka (any unflavored vodka) and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in a mason jar and seal it for seven days, shaking it twice a day. There should be enough vodka in the jar to just cover the peanut butter cups. When the seven days are up, open the jar and use cheesecloth to strain the vodka into another sealable container. The mixture will look unpleasant, and be difficult to strain, but it is worth it. Once it is strained, you are ready to mix.

Pour a shot or two (depending on how strong you want the drink) into a shaker with ice, pour in one or two shots of milk (again, depending on how strong you want the drink) and a tablespoon of chocolate syrup. Put the lid on and vigorously shake the mixture for a few seconds. Next, strain the mixture into a glass and garnish with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Now that all of that is finished, imbibe.

The first thing you’ll notice is the strong scent of peanut butter and chocolate, but none of the vodka. It’s a rich scent, and a fun one as well. The first sip of the drink is also void of alcohol flavor, instead tasting exactly like a liquid peanut butter cup. However, the rest depends on how you mixed the drink.

If you use the two shots vodka per one shot of milk, you’ll start to taste the vodka fairly quickly, and it might even be a bit overpowering for those who aren’t a fan. If you used the one shot vodka per two shots of milk, then you can’t taste the alcohol at all, making it milder, but also easier to finish quickly.

The aftertaste similarly depends on the ratio used; either you’ll taste the vodka, or you won’t. Both versions are fantastic if you enjoy vodka, for despite the alcohol aftertaste, the stronger one is laced with the sweetness of the peanut butter cups and chocolate syrup, making it more bearable.

This drink is fantastic either with desserts, or on its own. But regardless of your preferred taste, drink it on a full stomach.