Decoding student fees: Part five

The Student Activities Fee helps to fund the Student Union and campus events, while also providing engaging activities to bolster the Seawolf spirit on campus.

This fee aims to advance student connections and success at UAA.

Student Activities Fee — $6 per credit for students registered in six or more credits with a maximum charge of $72.
Campus Kickoff 2019, funded in part by the Student Activities Fee, allowed students to get to know the UAA campus and organizations prior to the fall semester. Photo by Christina Swayney.

The Student Activities Fee funds a plethora of events throughout the academic year and helps to maintain the Student Union activities, services and programs.

“Without the Student Activity Fee, we simply would not be able to have Campus Kick-Off, Homecoming and Winterfest events,” Corey Miller, the student activities coordinator at UAA, said. “Not to mention the fee aids with some smaller-scale programming that we do weekly, including Open Mic Nights, Trivia Nights and dances.”

This year’s homecoming theme, “Into the Future,” is reminiscent of the 1982 movie “Tron.” Image courtesy of UAA Green & Gold.

The list of events hosted by Student Activities is not limited to the major events each semester, however. It also includes: late-night programming, student exhibitions in the Hugh McPeck Gallery, the Daily Den program, a content management system for student clubs and organizations and helps to provide a fully-functioning Student Union.

Events and activities are also a way to bring students together, Miller says.

“I believe activities on campus help to build a positive institutional identity, help to build friendships and create a sense of belonging and creates more opportunities for involvement,” Miller said.

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By connecting students to their university, students can become more involved and successful as they participate in events, both socially and academically, according to Miller.

This week’s Homecoming activities are an example of Miller’s sentiment toward the need for student activities.

“This is the second year having an all-encompassing series of events that student organizations are competing for points, and ultimately cash prizes [for club funds],” Miller said.

Each day this week has a Homecoming event scheduled and will finish with a dance hosted by the UAA student government, USUAA, on Oct. 11.

“Last year, as I understand it, the money helped to build up the branding for the eSports Club [one of our winners], and USUAA and Club Council used their winnings to funnel back into student clubs and organizations generally,” Miller said.

A full list of Homecoming events can be found at

The Hugh McPeck Gallery is hosting the annual “No Big Heads” self-portrait contest during the month of October. Student Activities fees were used to bring competition judge April Bey up from California.

Check the Arts & Entertainment section of this week’s issue of The Northern Light for more information on Homecoming events and the “No Big Heads” self-portrait competition.

Future events funded by the Student Activities Fee can be found on the Student Activities calendar.

The remaining student fees will be discussed in future issues of The Northern Light.

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