Cordova taking part in net recycling program

Cordova is one of five communities in Alaska participating in a program to recycle nylon gillnet and seine web.

Nets tossed in Dumpsters and sent to the baler get tangled in city refuse equipment, increasing city operating costs. And they don’t decompose anytime soon.

The Cordova Times reports that under the new program, the nylon is shipped to Washington and sold to a recycler. Baled web sent overseas is melted into items such as car parts, gun barrels and tool handles.

Rochelle van den Broek, executive director of Cordova District Fishermen United, says the program makes sense because the local landfill has limited space and the city baler is not equipped to handle the amount of waste discarded by fishermen.

The net recycling program is aided by a grant from the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission.