Construction clogs campus commute

Engineers are sharing the ways around construction, causing traffic delays at the Bragaw Street and Glenn Highway intersection.

The intersection – which serves an estimated 50,000 vehicles a day, according to DOWL engineers – has lost its four-way status from Bragaw Street to the Glenn Highway and Second Avenue until Oct. 15.

Construction workers are shutting down lanes while they work to expose a 42-inch water line installed in 1971 and encase it in seven feet of square concrete, and reroute water, gas and sewer lines to accommodate bridge pilings, said Wilder Construction design manager Dennis Falldorf. The soil on site also requires decontamination due to waste left over from an automotive shop in the 1970s.

Dan Boots, an engineering technician for the municipality, said he prefers to access the Glenn Highway from campus by using Boniface, Muldoon and Airport Heights.

“I guess the big thing is to avoid that intersection,” Boots said. “My perception would be that the Bragaw and Glenn is probably going to get worse before it gets better.”

Falldorf said the project, which will put a bridge over the Glenn Highway in the same style as Boniface sits on the highway, is scheduled for total completion in 2008.

“It’s going good,” he said.

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Currently only pedestrians can access Mountain View using Bragaw by using a slim, muddy sidewalk that runs through the center of the construction zone.

A detour routing traffic around the east side of old Bragaw will be installed this year, to open in late April. The pedestrian bridge is “sayonara,” said Falldorf. In its place, pedestrians will use an activated system that will follow the route of the detour and the Glenn Highway speed limit will be reduced to 45 miles per hour if the community council approves.

The final project will route pedestrians over the new Bragaw bridge utilized by motor vehicles.

“Alls you have to do is go stand by the road, and you’ll think, ‘Man, this should have been done 10 years ago,'” Falldorf said, adding that nearly 100,000 vehicles are expected to use the intersection by 2017.

Contact 865-1381 or visit for mapped detour routes.

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