Construction on campus affects traffic

There are currently 15 construction and renovation projects in progress on the UAA campus. Projects range from an art installation to building maintenance and road work.

Construction Woker.png
Photo credit: Jian Bautista

On June 7, UAA’s main Twitter account @uaanchorage tweeted the following:

“Summer construction alert: Now through mid-August #UAA will be undergoing some construction which will impact some parking and trails. The Central Parking Garage and North Library Lot will be closed.”

In addition to the on campus projects overseen by UAA Facilities, the Anchorage Municipality is also overseeing several projects near campus, such as the bus stop renovation. This resulted in the closure of the intersection of Providence Drive and Wellness Street.

On May 23, UAA Parking Services (@uaaparking) tweeted:

“Beginning May 29 the intersection of Alumni Drive & Providence Drive will experience a partial closure. Providence will not be accessible from Alumni. East Campus access will be from the intersection at UAA Drive and Alumni Drive. The closure will last for approximately 3 weeks.”

Students have expressed dissatisfaction at the commotion and inconvenience that the construction has caused.

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Taylor Cook, a junior studying health sciences, is living on campus over the summer while she takes summer classes and works.

“I will be happy when the construction is over,” Cook said. “Right now, it’s kind of like going through a maze to get home.”

Hallie Hoffman, an undeclared sophomore is also living on campus this summer and expressed similar sentiments.

“The construction has been really loud,” Hoffman said. “The sooner it gets done, the better, because it’s right outside my window.”

Chris McConnell, Interim Projects Director and Facilities Director expressed confidence that the current projects are on track to completion before the start of the fall semester, and explained the different ways in which parking would be affected by the current UAA projects.

“The central parking garage… a lot of people are concerned, but we’re making good progress. We’re doing some drainline work in there, we’ve had some drain line issues with heat trays that were freezing up and causing ice problems, so it’s a pretty big issues for us to address, safety wise,” McConnell said.

In addition to the drain lines, McConnell explained that new improvements being made to the Central Parking Garage will improve the garage by making it brighter, more energy efficient and cost effective.

“We’re painting the garage… we’re going to do some color striping and stuff to make it easier to navigate and know where you’re at. It will be a nice upgrade when we’re all done,” McConnell said.

In addition to the Central Parking Garage, the East Garage by the ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building is also undergoing an LED upgrade.

Besides the parking garages, sections of both the north east and main library parking lots are partitioned off for the storage of construction materials, disrupting parking and traffic on campus.

McConnell said Neeser, the contractor for the project currently going on in the library, is ahead of schedule.

Despite the various projects, construction teams are being mindful of pedestrian walkways and making sure not to infringe upon trails and paths.

For progress on the construction projects, you can follow the Facilities News Blog at for the latest updates.