Connections Run Rampant at UAA

There are positives of being a part of a small college community. The University of Alaska Anchorage could possibly illustrate a rough template of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Trivia game. The game’s concept is that somehow or someway, people are interconnected, whether it is through a simple conversation or by blood.

From the “L Word” to Facebook, the six degree phenomenon has become a valuable cash cow for the entertainment and media industry. But for UAA, these real life coincidences can become vital when utilizing the gift of networking on a campus that runs rapid with former classmates, siblings, and ex’s you don’t want to see.

There are roughly over 14,000 students currently registered at UAA for the spring semester. In addition, there are about 139 clubs that are currently in existence that include Heifer International, Pre-Pharmacy Club, and The Hip Hop Club.  The intimate, what some mockingly call cozy, campus setting allows for ample opportunities for the creation of friendships and making new acquaintances.

One simple idea explains how these relations can evolve.  That is simply just by getting involved.

To put this into perspective, think back to when you use to play in the gravel pit in elementary school. How did you meet your best friend?

Most likely it was not like one day you were going down the slide and had an epiphany that you and Martha should become best friends. However, instead of playing by yourself, you gradually started to build this circle of friends. And then a revelation occurs, they have other friends too! And their friends can become yours, but of course that is if you want them too.

For some students at UAA, it may have been slightly overwhelming initially entering a collegiate setting. However, it probably became obvious that the campus is not a prototype of an “Freaks and Geeks” episode.  A vast array of people are present on campus, from some of the most motivated to laid back attitudes. The lack of cliques makes it a relatively easy task to make friends.

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The Student Union, Social Sciences Building, and other spots on campus are constantly buzzing with typical and new faces.  The new faces over a period of time jump into the category of typical, and you flush em out. It is a cycle that will be repeated throughout life, but take advantage of the setting that we are currently in.

The Student Union created Student Commuter Services at the start of this fall semester to provide students who trek to campus each day a chance to mingle and maybe network rides with others. In addition, they have a television showing the flow of anchorages traffic and maps of the People Mover schedule posted in the Den.

Another Area where students can allow their social bug to flutter is in the Daily Dens where the Student Union and Commuter services set out self-served snacks and a choice of drinks Monday thru Thursday at set times between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. I have seen various Seawolve coaches and athletes to staff and students utilize the free food source.

Also every other Wednesdays Open Mic Night is held in the Den from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. For anyone trying to garner experience through performance, this is the place you want to be! A light hearted room filled with students doing their homework and carrying on conversations, everything from slam poetry and usher like serenades occur.

The Student Union is not the only place that provides a setting for familiar faces in the same places.

Well skip over to the Social Sciences Building were you have plenty room to lounge in between campus in a more study emphasized area. The Social Sciences Building is like the corridor to the East Side of Campus.

Unlike other universities we have a chance to receive direct tautology from our instructors, professors, and staff. These bonds also open up so many chances to become a part of a new club, tap into the stream of scholarships, and be a catalyst for something else.

Student’s relationships with Faculty can take off easy at UAA.  It is not rare that students get approached by former teachers, staff, and administrators with possible beneficial educational and extra-curricular activities. I cannot count how many times I have been ready to leave campus for the day and an authority figure asked if I had time to attend a small lecture or panel. And instead of going to surf the net and socialize with friends I have gone.

Through attending these events, community figures start to recognize your involvement and staff members do take note of your attendance. This will open the door to future recommendations to events that they feel will intrigue you.

And besides being in down-sized campus just allows for more solid social bonds to be created. These are students and staff you end up seeing for years. Not just on campus but around town.