Concert Board fee increase remains off spring ballot for now

Here are the highlights for USUAA’s meeting March 18.


Assembly Referendum 05-06

The Concert Board fee referendum failed to pass by a two-thirds majority to override Hall’s veto.


Representative Reports

Club Council

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The American Red Cross of UAA was welcomed as a new club.


Executive Reports

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates

Government Relations Director

Regan Mattingly said Andy Bartel had been contacted to give a testimonial about current UAA science facilities. Mattingly is also working on taking photos of the science facilities for a postcard campaign to Alaska state legislators.


The Recycling Committee is beginning to work on proposals for Linda Lazzell, vice chancellor for student affairs.

Hall suggested UAA begin looking into a textbook company called Easy Tech Solutions. Easy Tech sells textbooks in PDF document format at reduced costs to students. Hall said the PDF format makes textbooks available to students by computer, giving them less to carry.


Committee Reports

A USUAA Meet and Greet is scheduled April 13. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, milk and cookies will be served.


New Business

Greek Council Budget Approval

Andrew Parks submitted the Greek Council budget to USUAA for approval. The budget requested approximately $11,000 for reimbursement for activities held by Greek Council for the entire student body. Greek Council’s budget was not approved by USUAA because Greek Council is not affiliated with USUAA, and it’s comprised of exclusive organizations, whereas USUAA is inclusive and represemts all UAA students enrolled in three or more credits.

The budget and two related bills, one for $900 in reimbursement and another for $2,000 to pay for the UAA Olympics were tabled.

Assembly Resolution and Referendum 05-05

USUAA unanimously passed both a resolution and referendum in support of building UAA’s next science building in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environment Design Certification standards. UAA’s Sustainable Energy Society attended the USUAA meeting to show its support of the referendum and resolution.

USUAA Budget

A travel board was organized to minimize Club Council’s budget problems. Most of Club Council’s budget had been used for travel expenses for clubs instead of on-campus events for students. Club Council deferred administration of travel expenses to USUAA in the form of the travel board. The board’s budget was cut from $21,000 to $15,000.

The vice president’s stipend was increased from $750 to $2,000 annually. Blanton said the vice president puts in as much work and time as the president, whose position has a $4,000 annual stipend.


For the Good of the order

Blanton commended USUAA members for their focus during the record-breaking four-hour-and-twenty-minute meeting. Blanton said the previous record was four hours.

Zeljka Jutric said not passing the Concert Board fee referendum demonstrated to UAA students how USUAA doesn’t think students are capable of making their own decisions and doesn’t support student democracy at UAA.