$100,000 Concert Board account discovered

Concert Board

Jonathan Wilcox, student senator and Concert Board representative, said the board discovered a rollover account in Fairbanks of unspent Concert Board funds. The account holds $100,000.

“Some of the things that we never thought were possible we’re now completely able to do,” said Loki Gail Toben, chair of the board. Toben said performers like the Dave Matthews Band would have been possible if the board knew about the account and was able to access the money.


Executive Reports

Vice President

Michael Blanton, USUAA vice president and representative on the System Governance Council, said the council met Feb. 24 and discussed Gov. Murkowski’s hopes to engage the university in solving state problems. A House bill designated the 260,000 acres that had been awarded to the university by the Department of Natural Resources in several years ago. A third of the land is being explored by the natural gas exploration company ANDEX and may generate $60 million annually for the university. The other two-thirds are divided between education and parcels in Southeast Alaska. The land parcels are designated as investment property, but the university has sold 15 percent of the parcels to individuals or environmental groups.

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Presidential Report

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates

Chris Hall, student government president, said the textbook issue at UAA has grown into a statewide issue. Hall expected the University of Alaska Assembly would approve at its next meeting the referendum that USUAA had drafted and approved.

UAA is also working on presenting a academic plan that would establish UAA’s academic standards. The plan is in is sixth draft.

New Student Orientation requested USUAA sponsor the 100 T-shirts that the group uses as prizes during its orientations each summer. USUAA agreed to consider the request and a bill may be presented to the assembly.


Committee Reports

Legislative Affairs

Damjan Jutric, student senator and the Legislative Affairs Committee’s pro-temp chair, said the committee is preparing for the statewide rally and student testimonials about UAA’s current science facilities. Jutric said he didn’t know when or where those testimonials would be presented.


Budgets from committees and USUAA’s other programs are due March 4. Finance committee is actively pursuing its goals.

Rules Committee

Zeljka Jutric, student senator and chair of the Rules Committee, said the committee recognized three vacancies: one senator resigned and two exceeded their 12 allowed absences per semester.

“It really is unfortunate that we’re losing senators due to absences, but there’s really nothing we can do,” Jutric said.


For the Good of the Order

Jonathan Wilcox said Sharon Cissna held a political forum for her constituents in the Commons, Room 107 at 8 p.m. Feb. 19.

Student senator Rachele Watts said the Greek Week Penny War would begin Monday, Feb. 28. The Greek organizations are holding a penny drive for the Red Cross’s Tsunami Relief Fund.

Student senator Anthony Rivas said since the Penny War is a war between Greek organizations, donated coins or bills other than pennies should act as negative points equal to their monetary value.

“Let’s say I put a $25 in one, that’s negative 2,500 points for them,” Rivas said.

Student senator Daniel Pace said the Finance Committee is considering a once-a-semester USUAA community service project.