Completed goals checked off, new goals formed by USUAA

Representative Reports

Club Council

Engineers Without Borders was recognized as a new club at Club Council’s meeting last week.

Greek Council

Greek Week has been scheduled for Feb. 28 through Mar. 4.

Executive Reports

Presidential Report

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USUAA President Chris Hall announced he will meet with the vice chancellor of administrative services Feb. 9 to discuss the recycling program.

USUAA assessed its organization goals during Hall’s report. Completed goals were labeled as such.

Goal to increase campus safety

The goal to extend Seawolf Shuttle hours was considered completed. The Academic Affairs committee was assigned to determine whether there was enough student need for an extension of the shuttle’s hours beyond 8:30 p.m. or to extend the service to students taking classes at Merrill Field. No need was shown for either longer hours or service to Merrill Field.

A shuttle shelter outside the UAA Bookstore is considered completed pending installation of the two shelters ordered.

Goal to create on-campus pub

Hall said Sen. Wilcox had taken on getting a campus pub as a senator project. Wilcox said he wanted to form an ad hoc committee with members of the community and suggested starting a relationship with the owner of The Blue Fox bar in the business plaza complex near student housing.

Hall said an on-campus pub would have to be approved by the administration and both the community and city councils.

“Groups outside the university would oppose on-campus pubs,” Hall said. That opposition prompted the suggestion to find an off-campus bar and start a relationship that changes the bar’s target customers to of-age UAA students. Hall said no liquor licenses are available for purchase from the municipality so UAA would have to buy an existing Anchorage bar’s liquor license in order to have its own bar.

Sen. Wilcox said he wants UAA to mirror the UAF campus with its on-campus bar.

“It’s proven itself to be a wonderful center for nontraditional and of-age students,” Wilcox said.

Goal to get the university to pay for recycling program

“Trig has been a block for us,” Sen. Daniel Pace said. UA Student Regent David Parks suggested USUAA request the university match USUAA’s contribution to the program.

“It’s minimal, it’s so minimal, and yet it shows a huge leap of faith,” Parks said.

The meeting fell temporarily out of order when a swallow hit the room’s window and was eaten by a magpie.

New goal to increase voter turnout for USUAA elections

Sen. Barnhill asked that the goal to campaign for increased student voter turnout at USUAA be added to the list. Barnhill said student turnout for the fall 2004 USUAA elections was about 2.5 percent.

“That is unacceptable,” Barnhill said. Barnhill and Percak-Dennett have agreed to work on a committee for the voter drive.

Committee Reports

Legislative Affairs Committee

Senators will leave Feb. 12 to attend a legislative conference in Juneau. Government Relations director and Legislative Affairs Committee chair Regan Mattingley said the committee has a tour of the science facilities scheduled with a question/answer period about the new Integrated Sciences Building.

Mattingley said senators will lobby for $250 million in UAA funding from the state while in Juneau.

Finance Committee

Finance chair Sen. Pace said USUAA has $36,000 available in contingency funds and the contingency funds requested by bills on the agenda for the meeting totaled $13,100.

New Business

A bill requesting $2,500 from USUAA contingency funds for more travel expenses related to UAA students traveling to Juneau for the legislative conference was read and tabled for a second vote at the next meeting.

“We massaged the budget and found enough money for this trip,” Sen. Pace said.

A resolution outlining the action to be taken by faculty, academic departments and students to decrease textbook prices was approved.

“This same resolution is going through faculty senate today,” Hall said. “I think it will be a far-reaching resolution when all these governances sign onto it.”

Old Business

A bill allocating $4,000 in contingency funds to the Activities Committee’s budget for spring activities was approved after its second reading.

A bill allocating $6,000 in contingency funds for the Spring 2005 Leadership Conference was approved after its second reading.

A bill allocating $600 in contingency funds toward the collaborative effort between USUAA, Student Activities and fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon in sponsoring a Valentine’s Day dance was approved after its second reading.

The dance will be in the Student Union Den Feb. 12 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

For the Good of the Order

Sen. Deadra Hall was sworn in. Sen. Hintsala asked if Hall’s marriage to President Hall would produce a conflict of interests. Hall said she had no problem voting in disagreement with her husband.