College Cookbook: A sweet snack for summer days

Photo credit: Mizelle Mayo

My summer has started off typically spending my time with my grandparents after work. My grandfather had recently undergone surgery, and we had almost lost him due to a medication gone wrong. I have had the chance to be spoiled by my grandmother’s Filipino food whenever I came to visit them.

On summer days, my grandmother would cook meals like adobo, sinigang or nilaga with a side of turon. Turon is a fried brown sugared banana in a spring roll wrapper. It is a fairly simple dessert that can be served to as many people you’d like.



– 4 ripe saba bananas (typically sold at the Lucky Market located at 5011 Arctic Blvd D)

– ½ cup of brown sugar

– 16 spring roll wrappers

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-Vegetable or canola oil



1. Thaw out the spring roll wrappers. Peel each one gently for preparation and set aside.

2. Cut each saba banana into four pieces lengthwise and peel off the skin. You can also cut the ends so it will be easier to peel the skin off.

3. Take your brown sugar and pour it into a shallow dish or plate. Roll each piece of banana onto the brown sugar, making sure to cover all parts of the banana.

4. Take one spring roll wrapper and place it on the cutting board in a diamond shape. Take the sugared banana and place it two-thirds of the way on the wrapper.

5. Fold the bottom up and wrap it tightly. Make sure the wrap does not tear. Fold the sides and continue to roll the banana up. You can use water or egg whites to moisten the top flap before rolling it completely. This will help the banana stay securely in the wrap without falling apart when frying it later. It is optional to sprinkle brown sugar on the rolls before frying.

6. Pour an inch of oil in a pan and let it boil on medium heat. Fry the turon by turning it on each side until it is golden brown. This will take about 2 to 3 minutes.

7. Once they are golden brown, set the turon on a wire rack with paper towels underneath for the oil to drain.

8. Once it is oil-free, let it cool on a plate and serve to friends and family. Serves 16.