Clubin’ on campus- A place to think

Questions of existentialism in a post-modern age plague many college students at the University of Alaska Anchorage. There is a solution amidst absolute chaos: the philosophy club.

Recently undergoing an organizational phase, the philosophy club has been devising a plan to conduct regular meetings, lunches and retreats in the months to come.

“There used to be a philosophy club, but not active until recently,” philosophy professor Jen Everett said.

Everett teaches ethics and history of philosophy II at UAA. Next term she will conduct two sections of ethics and environmental ethics, as well as feminist theory for the Women's Studies department. Originally from Oregon and Washington, Everett came to Alaska from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Accompanied by fellow philosophy faculty Rich Cameron, the two were hired under a joint-teaching option.

Both Cameron and Everett avidly support the philosophy club by distributing interest surveys and opening their home to philosophy club meetings.

“We are in a good position to do this, being fresh, new and young, and not buried with administration.” Everett said.

Around a dozen people thus far have attended the philosophy club meetings and it is the desire and duty of all involved to attract more participants.

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“So many parts of the philosophy club apply to everyday lives,” said Greta Carrico, philosophy club secretary.

Carrico is a history major and is minoring in philosophy and English literature, but desires the philosophy club to be a multi-major event.

“I would like to see a diverse population attend, crossing all majors,” Carrico said.

The philosophy club wants to lay a solid foundation hoping to build their club into something enjoyable for everyone. Although the club is in the developmental stages, meetings will consist of polling participants for topics of interest and welcoming guest speakers.

The next official philosophy club meeting will take place on Oct. 26 at 2 p.m. in the Campus Center lounge, hosting a patriot presentation on legislation introduced regarding Sept. 11. Lunch meetings will be held biweekly in the Campus Center at 1:00 p.m. continuing Oct. 24. A philosophy club retreat and party are scheduled for the spring term of the academic year. For more information on philosophy club meetings contact the Philosophy department at 786-4455 or Jen Everett at 786-4459.