‘Classic Dark’ dark lager bends the rules

Henry Weinhard’s Classic Dark

Blitz-Weinhard Brewing, Hood River, OR

4.81% ABV, IBU 19.9

4 out of 5 stars

“Henry Weinhard’s Classic Dark” is an example of a beer that dwells in the borderlands.

It comes from a renowned brewing company, and is beer impressively unafraid to bend classifications. Somehow this all seems familiar (Killian’s “Irish Red”).

“Classic Dark” carries a malty presence throughout, which starts in the aroma, reports on the tongue and finishes in the swallow. The beer also has a measured chocolate note that unfolds in much the same way.

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“Classic Dark” is crisp but smooth with light to medium carbonation. As the beer’s lager status would suggest, there is a lightness to “Classic Dark,” but it remains mostly at the tip of the tongue while everywhere else there is a sense of fullness and a medium body feel.

The hops in “Classic Dark” are mild, and they blend well with the tinge of chocolate. On top of all this there’s even been a bit of smokiness.

All in all, “Classic Dark” is a malty, chocolaty lager akin to a light stout, and a sound choice for the dwindling winter season.