Charles Ramsey: More than an Internet sensation, a hero

Heroes aren’t jokes.

Cartoon superheroes wearing their underwear on top of their pants are funny, and it’s perfectly fine to go nuts with the wisecracks. But the real heroes, men and women who presented a choice of “do or do not” and choose “do” — especially when risking their lives — are not jokes. They deserve respect.

Charles Ramsey is a hero. He heard a woman’s scream and instead of ignoring it or calling 911 and letting someone else deal with it, like many people would, he went to the source and freed a woman who had been missing for 10 years. His heroics then enabled two other missing women to also be freed from a house of horrors.

And all people really talk about when they mention him is how hilarious his interviews are. News stations are highlighting certain quotes while largely ignoring others. Internet memes are already popping up about his mention of eating McDonald’s when he heard the commotion. One YouTuber has even highlighted other quotes, such as the one where Ramsey talks about barbecuing with the women’s captors, and turning them into an auto-tuned song.

Ramsey’s heroic deed is not a joke. If one were to suddenly be bombarded with reporter after reporter after learning the neighbors were kidnappers and rapists, what would the average person say? Would he or she have a prepared script? Would that person be perfectly composed? The answer is no.

If it were me, I’d stare dumbly at the reporter and have no idea what to say. At least Ramsey was composed enough to speak and describe his version of events. Did he say something to make a few people chuckle? Apparently, but there isn’t really anything to laugh at in this situation. Look at the horror this man stumbled into. What would you say if you experienced it?

I love memes, and I spend way too much time on the Internet watching ridiculous videos, but not everything should be made into a joke.

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Here’s what people should be focusing on: Three women believed to be dead are alive, and now free, because of this man. The FBI was offering up to a $25,000 reward for information aiding in the investigation of Amanda Berry’s disappearance. There was also a reward offered for information about another woman, Georgina DeJesus, though the amount was undisclosed.

Ramsey doesn’t want the reward and has said he would rather the women he saved have it. This is what we should be talking about. We should be talking about a selfless man saving three women believed to be dead and not wanting to be rewarded for it.