{CD Reviews 02}

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP

Having opened for The Strokes before they were media darlings, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs seemed poised for attack in the new millennium. But what are they all about? Some form of female Strokes bubblegum analogue or the poison tip to the arrow of neo-garage?

If this five-song EP (the entirety of their recorded output) is any indication, none of the above. Yes, they emerge from a lot of good noise surrounding NYC bands, but there’s something uncomfortably familiar about what they’re doing here. Their music is a somewhat spirited form of lo-fi rock; recorded poorly but preformed with an intensity not often matched by more perfectionist bands. Frontwoman Karen O has a whiny and expressive vocal delivery well suited to this kind of affair.

However, one has to wonder, if this ragamuffin trio started their band in say, Portland instead of NYC, would they be receiving the same amount of hype? Chances are, they would simply blend in to the herd of similar bands.