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Sex and the Seawolf: Master the art of massages

It’s been a long day. You’re tense and just worn out. It is likely that your muscles need a relaxing massage — but just...

Sex and the Seawolf: Dating after college

So you’ve decided you want to cut ties with everyone in Anchorage when you move out of state for post-graduate adventures. Or maybe you...

Sex and the Seawolf: Lasting longer

Unequal stamina is an issue for some people during sex. This problem typically revolves around males in heterosexual relationships. The female orgasm is more difficult to trigger the average male’s, so many females tend to last far longer than their male partners, and it can seem like partners experience unequal amounts of pleasure.

Sex and the Seawolf: Female pleasure points

The female orgasm can be difficult to reach for many people. There are men who have tried search out the orgasmic site of pleasure — the legendary G-spot. Some adventurers successfully bewilder, some are lied to and think they found it, and others just fail completely.

Discovering the magic of male ‘pleasure points’

Say you’re a person trying to please your hard-working man. Sure, you can please him by stimulating his shaft, but that takes the fun away from actually exploring his body. You may even find yourself knowing more about your partner’s pleasure points than he does himself, giving him an instant, gratifying surprise.

Sex and the Seawolf: Dating someone in the same profession

In our journey to find that certain soul mate, we sometimes encounter people who are right under the nose. By under the nose, I mean someone whose profession or workplace is the same as yours. We tend to not realize their availability because we like to draw ourselves to things that seem fresh and different.

Sex and the Seawolf: Briefing on the Dominatrix

Passion sears all over your body. You have been submissive for the past few days — maybe even months. You have it easy to just be whisked away with adrenaline so high and his masculine testosterone just beating at your bosom. You then realize you want to switch the dominance for maybe one night, or maybe a few weekends. Those thoughts are normal, and it may be worth a try.

The Kama Sutra and the appropriate sounds during lovemaking

Today, we will imagine we are at peace as we are reading this article — so peaceful that you could hear a butterfly flap its wings. Or even more peacefully, you could almost hear crickets making love in the distance. Then the question arises: Is it appropriate to make sounds during lovemaking?

Sex and the Seawolf: Pheromones, the lowdown

Have you ever imagined the ease of attracting someone’s attention by just walking nearby? Well, you can! This is possible by wearing a substance called pheromones.

Sex and the Seawolf: Aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day

It is Valentine’s season. Stores are setting up the best chocolate deals, restaurants are opening up more reservations and jewelry stores are practically throwing their diamonds out of their cases. Romance blooms more during this time than any other holiday. But if you are looking for a boost in romantic intrigue between you and your partner, consider trying aphrodisiacs for the special occasion.

Sex and the Seawolf: “My partner doesn’t satisfy me. Should I turn to porn?”

Porn. The word strikes a thousand taboo thoughts for some. And for others, it gives couples or “buddies' a blueprint of sensual acts. This type of media can even help independent stimulation.

Sex and the Seawolf: How to overcome ‘trust issues’

Trust is one of the basic foundations for having a strong connection with a partner. Trust is a valued act between two people, and once that trust is broken we begin to question whether we should place the same trust in that person as we did before.

Sex and the Seawolf: Holiday Kiss

The holiday season calls for family gatherings, presents, playing in the snow and free time to do anything you want. For many young people, winter vacation is like the spring break of holidays. There’s always a big party celebrating December birthdays. Food and champagne get thrown around everywhere. The dating and hookup scenes become more lively during the break.

Sex and the Seawolf: Love, sports and stuff

Imagine yourself cuddling with your partner. You two are watching your favorite soap opera or TV show. For me, I’d be watching “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Sex and the Seawolf: Sex toys and where to get them

When you hear the term “sex toys,” what do you imagine? Most people envision a fake penis when thinking about sex toys. Fake penises do assist those lost without a hardened appendage to ease into their pleasures, but despite the utility of these toys, some are embarrassed to admit they’ve had the pleasure of using them.

Sex and the Seawolf: I like to cuddle, like, all the time

What do you do when your heart races at the thought of being with someone? Do you act on impulse? Do you stand there and let your chance pass by?

Sex and the Seawolf: Choosing the right lube

You run into the other room. Your partner is waiting. Shuffling through your bathroom cabinets and looking through various bottles, containers and boxes, you are on a mission. All of the neck kisses and foot massages have led up to this: finding what makes the perfect personal lubricant.

Sex and the Seawolf: Viagra and your penis

Sildenafil, commonly known by the brand name Viagra, is a drug used to give males an extra boost for happy hour (or longer, if you are a wild child).

Sex and the Seawolf: To shave or not to shave, that is the question

Pubic hair — we all have it, unless of course you have a genetic abnormality and are a human naked mole rat. Many people ask the question, “How much is too much?” when shaving the dreaded pubic region.

Sex and the Seawolf: Condom Crash Course

We see them everywhere: in department stores, glove compartments, wallets, cabinets, shelves, under the bed, attached to flower leis — the list goes on...

Sex and the Seawolf: One act, two settings

So you’ve had regular intercourse and feel bored with it. You now feel like you’re ready for bigger and better, shall I say, “achievements.”...

Sex and the Seawolf: Romantic preferences

Are you confused about what kinds of people you may be into? Rest assured, you are not alone. Trying to figure out who may...

Sex and the Seawolf: Take it slow

When people think of relationships, they think of all the good and bad that come from them — the good being the availability of...

Sex and the Seawolf: First gay experience

So everyone tends to have interesting stories of how they lost their virginity, myself included. I am currently a freshly sprouted gay within the...

Sex and the Seawolf: Usher — helping people get laid since 1997

There seems to be an age craze in American society. People can be heard regularly saying, “I only date younger women,” “I only date...

Sex and the Seawolf: Nut up or shut up

Recently, while doing one of my daily (okay, okay…hourly) perusing on the iPhone app Pinterest, I came across a screen shot of a text...

Sex and the Seawolf: You’re my boy blue… balls

Hey, hey you!  Yeah know who I’m talking to.  So you think that you have what it takes to satisfy a girl huh? ...

Sex & the Seawolf: Good Vibrations

Did you know that the vibrator was originally an “aiding device” introduced in the late 1800’s as a faster and easier method for medical physicians to cure women they diagnosed as having “hysteria paroxysm”?

SatS: One less lonely girl

Is a happy ending fairytale a realistic idea to give young girls these days when broken hearts and broken relationships are all around us? Should we spread the idea of independence to our young girls so that they will be prepared to not have to always rely on a man?

SatS: Playing with fire, FWB

  I should have known dating someone who behind his back was nicknamed the “Red Rocket” by mutual friends would never turn into anything substantially...