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Valentine’s, and the sexuality of the slug

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde   Let's break from discussing culture and entertainment and instead talk about slug biology, shall we? I mean, it's certainly the...

Palin and Passivity

On existentialism, apathy and hockey moms

The future is not set

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde Well, the last stretch is upon us again. This is the fourth time I've written about finals, so I'll keep...

Seawolf Slug: Adventures in losing weight

If you've ever met my host George, you'll know that he's... well, on the heavy side, to put it generously. He eats a lot...

A crash course in Slug culture

It's recently dawned on me that you humans know just about nothing about the Slug Empire. Sure. I bring it up now and then,...

Seawolf Slug: The abyss gazes also into you

In the spirit of Halloween, let me just say this: I am one of the most horrifying monsters in existence. No, really, I am. I am an alien monster who (occasionally) robs George of his free will and makes him do my bidding. He is a slave to me. And whenever I need or want his assistance, there’s no way he can disobey me.

“Fifty Shades:” The Slug Review

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde I am a true monster. An amoral, sick, twisted monster. One of the most abhorrent, evil beings on the...

E3 2015: The after-report

Well... that was an E3. I've got a lot to get through, but briefly, if you don't know what E3 is, it's a week-long expo...

Title: State of eldritch horror: Boring family vacation, part two

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde First off, George and I arrived safely, and I've met the folks. They're nice. So now let's talk about how...

Easy on the Lower 48, Alaska!

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde   Now that I think about it, Anchorage is the only place that I've ever been on Earth. It's the...

Rites of passage

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde   “Okay, Klax. You win. I'll stash you in my suitcase in the cargo area above the seat. Just don't...

Should you get an Apple Watch?

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde I think I arrived at a really strange time for you humans. Over the span of the last century...

Seawolf Slug: What exactly is a ‘game’?

As you could probably tell from the headline, a strange question has been wracking George’s brain for a few years. Several games such as “Journey,” “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons,” and this issue’s review, “Continue?9876543210,” have tested the limits of what it really means to be a video game.

Seawolf Slug: The Confederate flag: disgusting, or worth protecting?

Ho boy, the news has just been absolutely juicy for the past week or so. I have so many topics to write about! First up...

Sports in the Slug Empire

Klax discusses basketball, sports and violence

Microsoft’s Twitter artificial intelligence serves a cautionary purpose

Klax is philosophically inspired by @TayandYou

Seawolf Slug: The Bechdel Test, and why you humans should take note

Before I begin this article, I should point out one thing: We slugs are mono-gender and asexual. There’s no boy, girl, man or woman. There is only slug.

Seawolf Slug: A meditation on ice

Icy conditions: the Slug guide

Seawolf Slug: After the debates, Sanders has a long road ahead

Well, the democratic debates sure were fun to watch. This is the thing with you democratic societies, isn't it? I keep forgetting that it's not...

By the fans, for the fans

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde Picking the best film of 2015 at this point is probably way on the side of easy. It's post-Oscar...

Klax’s plea: An open letter to Amy Demboski

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde   So the mayoral race happened here in Anchorage. An issue so important, we published in-depth interviews with almost every...

Seawolf Slug: Learning to welcome the jam

Apparently this thing known as the “Great Alaska Shootout” is coming up, and the campus is abuzz about it. George says he couldn’t care less about sports, but the truth is, we see and appreciate sports everywhere.

Can stupidity and intelligence coexist?

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde During George's sick streak, he, like any good man these days, decided to lie in bed and marathon a...

Seawolf Slug: We can’t handle real-life violence

Being a journalism major, George has to put up with a lot of crap from news outlets regarding his favorite hobby, gaming. He is constantly told by major news networks that his hobby has turned him into a blood-loving, misogynistic sociopath ready to massacre any school, movie theater or other venue of people gathering en masse.

Here we go again.

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde   Here I am, sitting on George's head as he types my thoughts. It's 1:42 in the morning, and neither...

Seawolf Slug: Why is cyberpunk interesting?

Over spring break (the incredibly boring and dull spring break, as outlined in last issue's column), George indulged himself in two of his favorite...

Refugees of war: a galactic history

A brain slug's perspective on the refugee crisis

Klax’s recap on UAA’s emergency response exercise

Klax's account of the Emergency Response Exercise

SEAWOLF SLUG: It’s still too early for VR

Klax meditates on Virtual Reality