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‘Deadpool’: Hilarious writing can’t save a poorly designed game

With few exceptions, the spoof and parody genre doesn't translate into gaming very well. Games such as “Duke Nukem Forever” use humor as a...

‘The Last of Us’: A brutal tale of humanity and survival

Last year, Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead” adventure game shook the video game landscape with its somber story and poignant father-daughter focus. Now, Naughty...

‘Swapper,’ a brilliant puzzle-platformer

If you had the ability to clone yourself, what would you do? These clones don’t have any personalities or souls of their own, and...

‘System Shock 2’: A bogglingly difficult RPG classic reborn

One of the most popular and acclaimed franchises this gaming generation has been the “BioShock” franchise. With tight narratives involving character development, and exhilarating action, all three titles are held in very high regard.

‘Fez’: An indie puzzle-platformer with a twist

The indie game scene is no stranger to the puzzle-platformer genre. It all started with “Braid” in 2008 — a small, neat title with...

5 games to ward off boredom this summer

Summer is a time to get lost in the wilderness. Take a hike up Flattop or a trip down to Seward. Somebody’s ideal summer...

‘Evoland’: A nostalgic, yet unnecessary game

Throughout the many years of gaming history, the RPG genre has gone through many phases. From “Zelda” to “Final Fantasy,” gamers have a lot of great memo­ries and “Evoland” will likely evoke similar ones.

‘BioShock: Infinite’ is a masterpiece

After six long years of rumors and mounting excitement, “BioShock: Infinite” is everything gamers have hoped for and much more.

‘Revengeance,’ a great narrative hiding behind a disappointing game

These days, many games try to tell complex stories. They follow the example of titles that succeed with edgy, well-told narratives without realizing that those legendary titles are, at their core, interactive experiences. “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” is one of those conflicted games. It can’t decide whether it wants to be an awesome action game like “Bayonetta” or a soul-crushingly dispiriting story like the other “Metal Gear” series titles.

Raiding tombs optional in new ‘Tomb Raider’

Lara Croft is back and grittier than ever in her brand new origin story. “Tomb Raider,” developed by Crystal Dynamics, tells how a budding archeologist becomes a survivor and legend.

‘Runner2’ fun overcomes gameplay frustrations

The original “BIT.TRIP Runner,” released in 2010, is an interesting experimental fusion of rhythm and platformer games. It is a very compelling experience and has a fantastic art style. But like many other side-scrolling platformers today, it is frustratingly challenging.

Retro Review: ‘Metroid Prime’ is cutting edge even over a decade after release

When the subject of female protagonists is brought up, one of the first characters that comes to gamers’ minds is Samus Aran, famous intergalactic bounty hunter. Until “Metroid: Other M” (a name that shall never be spoken again), Samus has never really had a voice, but she never needed one.

The Escher complex of ‘Antichamber’

Enter the world of “Antichamber,” a first-person PC puzzler developed by industry newcomer Alexander Bruce. Bruce has been working on the game for four years. What he accomplished is incredible.

‘The Cave:’ An obtuse, tiring, yet very intriguing puzzle game

What is it with games and guilt these days? First there was “Spec Ops: The Line,” then “The Walking Dead,” where no player could ever forget Clementine’s doe eyes. Now “The Cave” is here leaveing you with a feeling of shame in your gut through puzzles and gameplay.

‘FTL: Faster Than Light’ is an addictive and punishing spacefaring adventure

It’s safe to say that a great number of us grew up wanting to be a starship captain. Negotiating with fantastical creatures, researching strange new life forms, working through encounters with hostile space pirates — the life of the captain is a compelling one.

Game Review: ‘Street Fighter X Mega Man’: The World Warriors give the Blue Bomber...

Since its first release in 1987, the “Mega Man” franchise has had it rough over the past couple years. Highly anticipated titles like “Mega Man Universe” and “Mega Man Legends 3” went down the drain after series creator Keiji Inafune left Capcom. The Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary year has looked bleak ever since. Thankfully, the massive cast of the “Street Fighter” series, who also celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2012, weren’t about to let a fellow Capcom character celebrate his birthday all alone and have given the Bomber a new set of bosses to take on for his anniversary.

Game Review: ‘The Walking Dead’: A tough story that will rip your heart to...

Player choice has been an interesting trend in the gaming industry over the years. It's been seen as both a blessing (in cases like “Mass Effect” or “Spec Ops: The Line”) and a curse (in cases like “inFamous”), but rarely has any game literally moved me to tears. “The Walking Dead” is one such game.

‘Hotline Miami’ is a hot hit

In every generation, a little-known project is released and becomes something truly special. “Hotline Miami” is that game.

‘Dishonored,’ killing baddies with supernatural style

If you’re a fan of “Bioshock” and “Assassin’s Creed,” chances are that you’ll like “Dishonored.”

Game Review: Where Am I?

In the tradition of “Slender,” designer Mark J. Hadley brings us the aptly named “Where Am I?” — another free experience in a line of terrifying indie projects for computer gamers.

Heather’s Fall Semester Game Picks

School is probably going to kick your butt this semester, but don’t let the stress overwhelm you. When you need to cool off and...

Top 5 games of 2011

Another year is almost up, and another semester done. While there was a copious amount of video game releases in 2011, not all of...

‘Serious Sam’ more random than before

Gnarrs? Remember those? They’re from Serious Sam, the frantic first person shooter from Croteam that came out around ten years ago. With the third game...

‘Arkham City’ a delicious, expansive Batman sequel

The Bat Signal fills the night sky and you, the ultimate detective, are racing towards it. But then a gang of misfits is beating...