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Photo Gallery of Matt & Kim Concert

Check out these awesome photos taken by TNL photographer Kayla McGraw at UAA Concert Board's Matt & Kim Concert on Thursday, September 27th, 2013!

Orange Rhymes With: ¡Corazón de Fuego! *Pt 1*

Spring break is a wonderful heaven send. Strategically placed right before most students collapse into fits of mass-study-induced hysteria, it’s the university’s way of saying, "Listen, we do care about you students’ well being—take some time off and go get massively drunk for a week."

3D Invitational sports diverse student creations

The art professors at UAA have once more donned their critic’s caps, and the students they’ve deemed worthy are currently being showcased in the Student Union Gallery’s annual 3D Invitational. Unlike like in Claybody earlier this semester, where professors selected student works done (at least in part) with clay and ceramics, the 3D Art Invitational is open to any student work that falls under the category of three dimensional, from pottery, to sculptures, lighting fixtures and jewelry.

Slideshow: Shootout decides winner of Cup yet again

The Seawolves took on the Nanooks this weekend, beating them 3-2 Friday night but failing 3-1 in Fairbanks Saturday night. In their Feb. 24 game, UAA started off slow but came forward with a barrage of shots in the second period. UAF was unable to stop their attacks, only scoring once more in the third period. After traveling to Fairbanks the Seawolves played Sat. 25 in the second Governor's Cup game.

UAA gives strong showing in 2010 Kendall Classic

Though the North Dakota Fighting Sioux may have skated off with the 2010 Kendall Classic title, the UAA Seawolves were by far and away...

Current squad issues good-natured beating

If motivation comes after action, then the Seawolf volleyball team should be motivated now. Freshman players got a taste of their first competition in their second- annual scrimmage against the Seawolf alumni on Aug. 22. In past years, the team only scrimmaged among themselves before the first game of the season.

Glenn Alps Trailhead

Tax Protest

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UAA Track Team

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New Dance

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Midnight to Twelve

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Film Festival

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