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The astronomy behind Ophiuchus: The new sign

January 13, 2011. The day astrological signs were magically re-evaluated. I read many rumors floating around Facebook status updates about this. “If you’re born after 2009, it doesn’t apply to you”, or “How could...

Radical Recreation: Against the current

Evan Withrow works towards his degree to pursue fishing dreams

Professor plans new program based on Russia travels

His goal in life is to never get bored. Perhaps this is why he drinks a couple of pots of coffee a day. Jeremy Tasch, assistant professor of geography, has traveled the world. Now he...

A day of information, banana suturing, medical simulation robots

The 13th Annual Alaska PreMed Summit was held on April 7 at Rasmuson Hall at UAA. The summit was designed to help students who are interested in the field to get a...

HOPE worldwide: UAA’s chance to make a difference

HOPE worldwide, founded in 1991, connects people with local volunteering opportunities. The Anchorage chapter branched out to take the form of a UAA club last year. “Volunteering and service is the universal love language,” member...

UAA massage school helps community heal, relax

For some, the thought of going to a business with “massage” on the sign and stripping naked conjures up ideas of places like the Minnesota Chateaux. Such misconceptions, however, have grown less common, and...

History of Valentine’s Day is cloaked in mystery

Hallmark loves Valentine’s Day because the heart-laden holiday is the second largest card-sending event next to Christmas.  Women love Valentine’s Day because it is an excuse for them to get dressed up and be...

Valentine’s, and the sexuality of the slug

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde   Let's break from discussing culture and entertainment and instead talk about slug biology, shall we? I mean, it's certainly the time to do so, with Valentine's Day in the air...

Italian-inspired Citrus pistachio cookies

Enjoy these small, sweet cookies, inspired by Italy's best pistachio, at any occasion

Localize It: Getting down to business with Peak Audio

UAA student releases his own line of wireless headphones

Opening doors for students to study around the world

The opportunity for education doesn't stop on campus, thanks to the The Office of International and Intercultural Affairs

LRC reaches out to help students

He doesn't do it for the money. And he doesn't receive any special benefits. Math tutor Justin Greeneaux uses his knowledge of mathematics to help his fellow students for the pure enjoyment he finds...

Sigma Tau Delta offers workshops to kickstart professionalism

Sigma Tau Delta, is an international English honors society. At UAA's chapter, Alpha Epilson Nu, the members are hosting workshops to help students learn professional skills. For the rest of the semester, Sigma Tau Delta...

Charge for dance sparks Spirit Fund debate

It was the day before Sigma Alpha Epsilon would host a pre-Valentine's Day dance and bachelor auction, but the event's committee chair, senior Andrew Parks, wasn't exactly feeling the love. A motion was raised in the Union of Students UAA assembly Feb. 8 to retract the $1,025 it had allocated to SAE for the dance.

The faster you go the more friends you make.

Unlike other creatures that sniff butts, fan feathers or call out for mates, mankind has redefined a new, innovative way to meet others. Called “speed friending,” this new social gathering encourages people to meet as many other individuals as possible within an allotted timeframe.

More to guns on campus than meets the eye

The issue of whether carrying concealed firearms is safe, legal or prudent on UA campuses is at once alarming and divisive. A protest of the regulation of firearms on UA campuses took place on Wednesday...

Take a hike for your health

We have heard of the benefits of exercise but much of the population doesn't have the time, motivation or desire to commit to an exercise program. So, is there a solution? As a matter...

College Cookbook: Roses gone wild

Bring food and drink to another level with this burst of floral flavor.

Start spring semester off the right way by implementing healthy habits

A new semester can be a perfect time for students to reflect, reset and re-evaluate in preparation for upcoming classes. Implementing good habits early on in the year can help students be more successful...

SatS: Playing with fire, FWB

  I should have known dating someone who behind his back was nicknamed the “Red Rocket” by mutual friends would never turn into anything substantially dependable, but I was hooked nonetheless. I met “Daniel” at a...

UAA’s student-athletes by the numbers

Every year, numerous talented Alaskans join the Seawolves to represent their home state, but out-of-state athletes and international students also seek to become part of the Green and Gold.

Nine in the Spine: A hole-in-one when it comes to connecting

UAA's Alumni Association hosted their third annual Nine in the Spine on Feb. 24 - a friendly round of mini-golf among current and former Seawolves. The event is designed to provide networking opportunities. A...

The Alaska State Fair is canceled due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way people live globally. Events have been canceled all over the world as a result of this pandemic. Alaska is no exception, with the recent closure of one of it’s...

Foraged and fried fiddlehead ferns

Get outside and find your next dinner's sidekick.

Religious protest finds a place in Anchorage

Outside of the Kaladi Brothers shop downtown, a small group of people waved signs with messages like "Religion is free, Scientology isn't" and "Scientology kills" in bold black letters. Approximately eight men and women stood in the cold passing out fliers and drawing inquisitive glances and questions from people passing by.

Anxiety Disorders_”Beyond Stress and Worry

Like everyone else, you probably feel anxious from time to time—before exams, at the beginning of a new relationship, or as you prepare for a speech. Anxiety is a natural part of life. But...

Sex and the Seawolf: Lasting longer

Unequal stamina is an issue for some people during sex. This problem typically revolves around males in heterosexual relationships. The female orgasm is more difficult to trigger the average male’s, so many females tend to last far longer than their male partners, and it can seem like partners experience unequal amounts of pleasure.

Religion on campus

The pathway to religious enlightenment is like a Dr. Seuss Limerick: One could find it here, one could find it there, one could find it anywhere — even at UAA. Religion isn’t for everyone, but for students looking for a dose of soul food on campus, there are options through registered religious clubs and organizations.

Savage Love columnist Dan Savage discusses 25 years of giving sex advice

The Northern Light had the opportunity to sit down with sex and relationship advice columnist Dan Savage on Thursday Feb. 11 before his lecture later that evening in the Wendy Williamson Auditorium that was...

Winter is coming, but the snow might not be

Looking up the winter forecast for Alaska can bring about a plethora of different opinions, results and predictions. Some sources say we're in for little to no snow like the last two winters. Other...