USUAA crafts a cure after suffering budget hiccups

After weeks of haggling, the Union of Students UAA passed a budget on Oct. 19. It's also passed a new bylaw meant to prevent future student governments from suffering similar delays in passing a budget. Student government senators originally passed a budget last spring, but they decided to restructure it this semester after some concerns about it were raised in the assembly.

Kincaid’s Car Mountain

Think back to a time before protected areas within population centers were all the rage, and you'll understand how hundreds, if not thousands, of junked automobiles ended up stuck between a park and a...

Sustainable Seawolf: How to make candles

Beyond selling candles, you can also stock up on them for emergencies. With last month’s windstorm knocking out the power of almost 10,000 Anchorage residents, many people found themselves in need of light.

‘Aleut Story’ prompts survivors to share stories

Harriet Hope, an Alaska native from Unalaska, still cries as she recalls her memories of the internment during World War II 50 years ago. "We were inoculated and examined, and I remember everybody's arms hurting...

New club brings ‘green’ awareness to campus

On Saturday, September 27, several students joined in the Students for Social Equality (SSE) club's first event, The March for Green Jobs. The group gathered on the lawn between the Wendy Williamson Auditorium and the Lucy Cuddy Hall, where they embarked on a march to the Loussac Library.

Who is the ‘real’ Spirit the Seawolf mascot?

Perhaps it’s his alluring pine green complexion or his brawny body and broad shoulders. Or maybe it’s his stylish green and gold jersey or his walloping white fangs. Whatever it may be, Spirit the Seawolf seems to have that animal magnetism crowds go wild for. Who is Spirit’s real identity, if any?

O.R.W: Return of the Collegiate

College is back in session, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve been dreading its arrival for weeks and weeks—ever since that horrible realization kicked in that once again we’d have to scrounge for textbook money and buy those ridiculous parking stickers—but now it’s here and we’ve got to suck it up and jump back in.

From civilian to soldier: The stories of two South Korean exchange students

Dane Ji served his time as a chef assistant at the Korean Air Force Academy. He said that there was some benefit to serving in the military, even if it is not the most pleasant experience.

Latino Student Union shares love of culture with others

"It's an organization that gives voice to our Hispanic community. Our main goal is to get together and make a change, but also for other students of other cultures to join and learn more about the Hispanic culture," Ana Azpilcueta, LSU president, said.

Lunch Break: Caliente

For Lunch Break this week, we’re taking a look at Caliente, the Student Union’s newest addition to Seawolf Dining. It occupies the space next to Subway where Mein Bowl used to be. Caliente...

Guilt-free beverages for students on the go

Coming into college, one of the first warnings given is to beware of the "freshman 15." The term refers to the amount of weight students are said to gain during the first year of...

Orange Rhymes With: Salvaging the best-laid plans

If you’ve followed my last few columns (just nod and smile, I need this) then it’s becoming fairly obvious that I’m starting to panic. Suddenly I’ve found myself on the back half of the four-year plan I’m expected to complete, and the pre-graduation panic is setting in. Halfway through mapping out my schedule for spring semester I had a friend glance over my shoulder and incredulously ask, “What in the hell are you even majoring in?”

Cookie quest, the final frontier

With Nita Mauigoa, Staff Writer Nothing beats a batch of freshly baked cookies; there’s just something homey and comforting about them that appeals to kids and adults alike. That’s why the final installment of Anchorage...

Tanaina future dependent upon UAA

The Tanaina Childhood Development Center has been a part of the UAA com­munity since 1979. Tanaina board president Charlie Tyr­rell said Tanaina is a non-profit organiza­tion that functions entirely independently from UAA, excluding the university sub­sidizing their rent, electricity, water and a few other services.

The Diversity Action Council brings life to UAA programs

Shannon Hawkins, UAA student and Alaska Native dancer, proudly dressed in Inupiaq attire to celebrate the kickoff of Alaska Native and Native American Heritage Month. Her face lit up at the mention of the Diversity Action Council, or DAC, an annual sponsor for the event.

No talking in class

The third floor hall in the College of Arts and Sciences Building is quiet on Thursday evenings. If speaking is necessary it is whispered. Students kneel on round pillows, face the wall and remain...

UAA Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative offers help and information

With suicide rates of college-aged students in Alaska continuing to soar, the UAA Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative, or ISPI, is springing into action.

Don’t park it wherever you please

Polina Borisova has been yelled at, screamed at, called names, and has even had people try to run her over with their cars. Borisova is one of the 12 Call Team officers who issue parking...

Latrine Dean: SSB, Second Floor

With a mixture of departments, ranging from Psychology to IT Services, the Social Science Building tends to facilitate just that, being social.  While in the SSB you will find yourself at a juncture of...

I am on this toilet

In 1966, the late UC Berkeley folklorist Alan Dundes coined the term “latrinalia” to refer to restroom graffiti in his book “Here I Sit — A Study of American Latrinalia.” Dundes posited strange theories on the psychological motivations behind latrinalia, including male pregnancy envy and an infantile desire to artistically smear feces.

Guru Kate: Haters gon’ hate taters

What’s with people bashing potatoes lately? I thought they were vegetables! First of all, potatoes can be a healthy side dish if prepared correctly. This means that you must eat them with the skin on and without butter, sour cream, cheese, salt or bacon.

Avgolemono soup

Steamy simple soup to warm up your winter

The Orange endures a night of The Great Flood

Sometimes life has odd little cycles that seem to repeat themselves. This story is about one of those cycles. It was a night that began like any other. I had just come home from a...

Guru Kate: How do I know if I have acid reflux?

The digestive system is truly magnificent. It is self con­taining, self regulating, and ensures that all nutrients get to where they need to go. In a perfect world, it is like a city’s traffic system. This intricate system enthralls gastroentero­lists with the true majesty that is the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.

Sustainable Seawolf: Community gardens bring people together

Around April, registration opens for garden plots. You can sign up through the Anchorage Municipality website, pay a fee for the plot, and in late April you can begin working on your plot, preparing it for May 15 when the city turns on the water supply to the area.

Cooking In College: Roast beef sandy with fries

College should not only be about book knowledge, but should also teach practical knowledge about how to make life easier. I offer this solution: invest in a slow cooker.This recipe is easy and leaves plenty of leftovers for lazy days on the weekend. A total of $9.70 was spent on this recipe, and the only thing purchased at the store was beef.

Safe sex means talking first

Two people are thinking about having sex with each other. If one or both of them has a sexually transmitted disease, he or she might not even realize it. A condom, if used, might or might not protect the other partner. And one or both could be looking for a relationship - or just a casual hookup.

300 Meals Later

Features editor Abigail Slater takes us through a day in the life of a Bean's Café volunteer.

Global Opportunities Expo highlights UAA study abroad programs

The Office of International Affairs will host the Global Opportunities Expo on Feb. 13. Students can ask questions about the programs offered and compare options. The Language Department and Heifer International will be there, among other organizations.

SOPA/PIPA protests delay votes

This past week a phenomenon hit the internet, as many websites blacked out content or even went completely black in protest of two bills now under consideration: Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA).