‘Bio Zombie’ is delirious fun

“Bio Zombie” is “Resident Evil” through the eyes of “Shaun of the dead,” with enough goofy gimmicks to keep viewers entertained, at least for...

‘Once’ is a bittersweet lullaby

Tales of star-crossed lovers have graced movie screens since the beginning of cinema. Some are fine with being sappy, others strive for realism, but...

‘The Turin Horse’ is toil for viewers

There was a point in watching “The Turin Horse” where I wanted to curl up in a dark place somewhere and sleep forever. It’s depressing. But not in the “I want to cry” way. It’s depressing in the “Oh, so life is meaningless?” kind of way.

‘Big Bad Wolves’ shows its teeth

There’s a fine line between torture porn and torture art. The difference between the two could mean lingering on a sliced throat or torn toenail for too long. “Big Bad Wolves” walks that tightrope with finesse and a vicious moral center.

‘I’m Not Scared’ lives up to its name

Sometimes it’s fun to watch a movie fall apart, but those movies usually start out with no promise of getting better. “I’m Not Scared” is the opposite. The first act is foreboding and feels like Hitchcock at his best, but the final two thirds feel like a “Downhill” slide.

Top 5 foreign films the fanatic watched this year

Do American movies seem stale to you? Are there moments when you want nothing more than to read subtitles? It’s a big, cinematic world out there filled to the brim with non-American films. With 2013’s “Nairobi Half Life,” and “Fanie Fourie’s Lobola,” Kenya and South Africa’s movie industries are on the rise. South Korea is still experiencing a renaissance. Thailand’s industry is growing along with China’s. Argentina and Colombia are coming into some serious economic growth thanks in part to films like 2012’s “Elefante Blanco” and “La Sirga.” But until those movies make it onto DVD, here are five foreign flicks to sate your appetite.

‘Kung Fu Dunk’ comes on and slams

It’s the last five minutes of the second half. Your team is down by three. There’s no stopping your ruthless opponents. You take the shot from the free-throw line. You miss. All hope is lost. The game is done.

‘Shoah’ is definitely an uncompromising epic

In the lonely interior of Poland, far away from any big city or town, is the small village of Chelmno nad Nerem. From 1941 to 1945 it was here that between 152,000 and 340,000 Jews were exterminated. Of the victims kept there, only two survived.

‘The Clone Returns Home’: Sci-fi with a twist

In the world of “The Clone Returns Home” cloning a body is possible, but what about the spirit? “Even if you extract the memories and destroy the original body, the original soul will still remain,” says Professor Teshigawara (Toru Shinagawa, “Dark Water”) in a scene from the film.