Candidate for vice chancellor for Administrative Services presents at open forum

Candidates for vice chancellor for Administrative Services are presenting at open forums to the UAA community throughout February. Stephen Malott, vice president for Finance and Administration at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, answered questions at a public forum Feb. 13. His public forum for Feb. 12 was cancelled since the university was closed due to inclement weather.

Stephen Mallot holds his public forum as a candidate for Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services on Tuesday. Mallot is the vice president for Finance and administration at the South Dakota School of Mines. Photo Credit: Jay Guzman Photo credit: Jay Guzman

The Administrative Services position is one of the highest ranking and paying positions at UAA. The vice chancellor oversees Facilities and Campus Services, Athletics, Human Resource Services, University Police Department, Information Technology Services and Administrative Services.

“The position I’m in now has been a good position and so forth, but it has a very limited range,” Malott said. “It’s almost entirely finance, it doesn’t have the range of activities that this position has, and I find that really quite limiting.”

Before he worked at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Malott worked as vice president for Administration and Finance at the American University of Iraq in Sulaimani. His other positions in higher education included a role as vice chancellor of Administrative Services at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, assistant dean of the School of Business Administration at Georgetown University and assistant dean for Residence Life at Georgetown University.

Senior Human Resource Services Consultant, Michelle Yerkes, asked Malott what experience he had with all of the different departments and divisions within Administrative Services and, “How would you pay attention to or focus, or give attention to the smaller departments like HR services, parking and the University Police Department?”

“I see the primary role as Vice Chancellor of Administrative services as the people who report to him, is to make sure they have the resources they need,” Malott said. “There’s this dual role because you’re the manager of a major unit and you have to look at all the people in that unit, but at the same time you are managing an institution-wide kind of approach to budgeting.”

Outside of higher education, Malott has had a career as a foreign service officer for the Department of State, where he was posted in Africa, Europe, India and the Caribbean. Malott said he has experience with security management through his foreign service.

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“One of the regular things I did was have meetings, for example in Prague, I met every three weeks with the city police chief. That was a time when embassies were coming under threat,” Malott said.

Executive Director of Student Outreach and Transition, Theresa Lyons, asked Malott, “how do you utilize the mission or the strategic plan of the institution to help make decisions around the budget of the university overall?”

“You spend a lot of time building trust. You get out and chat with people… you give them an opportunity to show you what they’re doing and what they take pride in,” Malott said.

On Feb. 14-15, there was an open forum with candidate Beverly Cotton Shuford; you can read about Shuford in the paper next week. One of the candidates, Andrew Harris, has withdrawn his application and will not be presenting at UAA. The final candidate forum will be held Feb. 21-22. Interim Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services Pat Shier will be answering questions at the UAA/APU Consortium Library, Room 307.