Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Shipment 24/7 playlist is chaos in its purest form

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the latest video game in the popular first-person shooter series from developer Infinity Ward. It launched in October of 2019 with an unfavorable fan reaction. Many players complained about how many campers there were.

The most upvoted post in the Modern Warfare subreddit is a meme likening campers to Tom from the children’s cartoon “Tom and Jerry” barricading themselves in a corner with motion-activated mines. Screenshot by John Novotny.

The term “camper” is used to describe a player who stays in one spot and wait for enemies to come to them. A stereotypical first-person shooter camper will often crouch in a dark corner of a room and aim at a doorway, waiting for a victim to enter.

Many of the maps in Modern Warfare encourage this type of behavior. Long sightlines, open areas with little cover and the prevalence of Claymore mines protecting entry points to buildings led to agonizingly-prolonged 10-15 minute matches ending by the timer expiring rather than by reaching the score limit.

A simplified overhead view of Shipment shows that there are very few places to hide. Screenshot by John Novotny.

I recently picked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare back up after a month’s absence and discovered the cure to those boring, lengthy multiplayer matches: the Shipment 24/7 playlist. Instead of randomly choosing from a pool of over 10 maps, the only map available is a remake of the 2007 original of the same name. Although Shipment is the only map, there are several different game modes to choose from, such as Team Deathmatch and Domination.

Shipment is a small, square map located on a cargo dock. It’s so small that it’s extremely easy to throw a grenade from one side of the map to the opposite side. The four open cargo containers along the outside of the square, and one on the inside group of containers, provide the only relatively-safe spaces. Besides the containers and a few barrels and dumpsters to duck behind, it’s otherwise impossible to avoid a direct gunfight.

After the initial spawn when the match starts, players will likely be looking at an enemy every time they die and come back to life. Firing at an enemy and then two or three others spawning in the player’s crosshairs is a fairly common occurrence in this game mode. I’ve also been on the other end of that situation. It’s not fun when it happens to you, but it makes the moments where you get four or five kills without reloading feel even better.

One of the better strategies on Shipment is to use a 100-round light machine gun and keep the “fire” button held down. Screenshot by John Novotny.

There’s so much action when playing on Shipment that I’m routinely doubling my average kills per match. I usually get at least 30 kills and sometimes as many as 50-60 depending on the game mode. Of course, how many kills you get is reliant on what weapon you’re using. Using a gun that’s primarily used for long-range combat is asking for trouble. I haven’t let that common sense stop me from trying to use the slow-firing AX-50 sniper rifle, though.

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There was also a limited-time event in the game from Feb. 4-11 that provided double experience in all modes before the beginning of the next battle pass season. Because of the close quarters and constant action, the Shipment 24/7 playlist is the most efficient way to level up weapons and unlock camouflages. I managed to reach the maximum level on a handful of guns and unlocked gold camouflage for one of them.

The constant action put me in “the zone.” Every time I spawned, I was constantly searching the screen for movement and checking behind me for any enemies who thought they were sneaky. This is why minutes fly by like seconds when playing on Shipment. There’s a constant stream of unlocks every match, which always leads to me playing just one more.