‘Brutella”s short life worth celebrating


Moose’s Tooth Brewing Co.

6% ABV, 25 IBU

4 out of 5 stars

I know, I know: it’s about time I paid tribute to one of Anchorage’s hometown brewing heroes. Well, here it is. And I might add the selected offering could be one of the most dynamic I have tasted from Moose’s Tooth Brewing.

Unfortunately, it’s probably all gone. “Brutella” was the First Tap beer for the month of November and probably was drank up well before any of you started reading this.

This review is a eulogy of sorts ­? or perhaps a simple accolade in the hopes that we might see the likes of “Brutella” again.

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“Brutella” – the name a clever turn of phrase on the one-of-a-kind spread “Nutella” – was a hazelnut chocolate porter. The ale certainly held true to its categorization. Even with the forewarning of “Brutella’s” description I was still surprised by the forwardness of the hazelnut flavor in the ale. It was right out there, possibly bordering on excessive, if it wasn’t for the chocolate undercurrent that swept in on the back of the tongue, pulling the focus of the swallow back to the underlying hops at the ale’s base.

The sensations in “Brutella” came in a wave: sweet to bitter, though not bitter-sweet. I can safely say this ale might not have been one you wanted to enjoy year-round or over-frequently. But with this year’s unusually abrupt onslaught of winter, “Brutella” appeared at just the right time to provide what one needed for a little warmth against the weather.