Bowling Green beats Seawolves with first and only shot

The UAA hockey team hosted Bowling Green State University this past weekend for two consecutive games both Friday and Saturday nights.

Malcolm Hayes attempted two shots on goal during the game against Bowling Green on Nov. 9. Photo credit: Skip Hickey

Bowling Green has won six games and lost two so far this season. Comparatively, UAA has lost five games and has won two. Maybe opposites will attract?

Nicholas Erb-Ekholm was sent to the penalty box at the beginning of the game for tripping. This left Drayson Pears, Cam Amantea, Tanner Schachle, Tomi Hiekkavirta, Corey Renwick and Brody Claeys on the ice to start off the first period.

Neither team had scored 13 minutes into the game, and the goalie for Bowling Green, Eric Dop, had already blocked nine shots from UAA. Amantea was sent to the penalty box soon thereafter for unsportsmanlike conduct and roughing.

By the end of the first period, UAA’s goalie, Brody Claeys, had blocked seven shots against Bowling Green. Claeys is a sophomore and had a blocking percentage of .898 during his freshman year.

UAA’s Jeremiah Luedtke was sent to the penalty box for hooking, and Bowling Green’s Alec Rauhauser was sent to the penalty box for holding the stick not even two minutes in to the second period.

Bowling Green was averaging a PIM of 3/6 while UAA was averaging at 5/10.

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Claeys was still in goal and continued to block shots eight minutes into the second period while the score stayed 0-0.

UAA finished the second period with another 12 shots on goal while Bowling Green increased by two and had a final amount of nine.

There were still no points made by either team eight minutes into the third and final period.

Trey deGraff was leading the Seawolves at that point in amount of shots on goal with four.

Almost every other player had already taken at least one shot by then in order to make up for the 31 total shots on goal for UAA.

The first penalty of the last quarter happened about halfway through when UAA’s Tanner Schachie was seen boarding an opposing player.

With no points made by the end of the third quarter the game went into overtime. Claeys was able to block four shots made by Bowling Green within those five minutes while Dop only had to block one shot made by Rygaard.

However, no one scored and the game went into double overtime and five minutes were put back on the clock. Bowling Green finally put the game to sleep by scoring with 2:40 left on the clock.

With this being his first year as head coach, Matt Curley is determined to improve the overall performance of the team.

“I have been really happy with the progress and the development of our team to this point,” said Curley. “I am confident that with their attitude and work ethic that this is the start of that change and that we will see our progress as the season moves forward.”

The hockey team will be traveling to Northern Michigan University this upcoming week. Their next home game won’t be until the first weekend of the new year at Sullivan Arena.