Bottled Cosmopolitan, a must-have for lazy days

Photo by Heather Hamilton
Photo by Heather Hamilton

There is nothing more chic, sophisticated and feminine than the Cosmo. This fruity cocktail is a true doozy, and well-made ones challenge even the manliest of men to call them tame.

There are times when breaking out a cocktail shaker takes more work than it’s worth. No problem, because there are plenty of companies that make pre-mixed cocktails.

One such company is Smirnoff. Say what you will about Smirnoff Ice, but their Grand Cosmopolitan is a force to be reckoned with.

The “grand” in the name comes from the inclusion of Grand Marnier Liqueur, and it is a beautiful addition to the flavor.

On lazy days, refrigerate the bottle beforehand. The more ambitious can pour it into a shaker with ice, shake like crazy and strain into a glass. Frankly, if the cocktail isn’t mixed from scratch, it’s a bit pointless to even mention a shaker, but it is an option.

The first whiff smells about as strong as rubbing alcohol. Once that bit of shock passes, the scent of cranberry makes an appearance, mixing with the alcohol to form a repulsively attractive scent. The nature of the Cosmo’s smell isn’t much of a problem, since the night won’t be spent merely sniffing the drink.

The first taste is almost sickeningly sweet with cranberry and something citrusy as well. This is because the Grand Marnier, which is an orange-flavored cognac.

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That’s right — cognac. The warmth that hits at the end definitely isn’t the vodka.

The middle is sweet like the tip, but the first few sips definitely feature a stronger alcohol flavor. With time, it’s almost impossible to notice.

The back is where the sweetness fades and the warmth of the alcohol takes over. Neither the vodka nor the Grand Marnier leaves a lasting sting or bitterness, and only a warming sensation remains.

Nothing can beat a well-made Cosmo from scratch, but Smirnoff can definitely give it a run for its money. The Grand Marnier gives it a creative kick that even Carrie Bradshaw would appreciate.


Drink: Smirnoff Grand Cosmopolitan

Company: Smirnoff

Ingredients: Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka, cranberry juice, splash of lime, Grand Marnier Liqueur

ABV: 15%

Rating: 4