Biennial faculty art exhibition to show off talent in art department

Erudite Antics, the 11th UAA Faculty Biennial Exhibition returns to the Kimura Gallery on Nov. 12. The exhibition occurs every two years in order to showcase the diversity and talent of the faculty in the Department of Art.

“Make Fast,” by Garry Mealor, associate professor of art, drawing and watercolor, is featured on the poster for the 2018 Erudite Antics UAA Faculty Biennial Exhibition opening on Nov. 12 Photo credit: Garry Mealor

“The exhibition gives a real sense of camaraderie… and brings a good sense of morale to the whole department,” Riva Symko, curator for the Kimura Gallery, said. “It’s a celebratory exhibition, and I think it gives everybody a chance to be excited about what they’re doing.”

Nearly all 17 of the art professors and adjunct faculty submitted work to Erudite Antics. Each artist submitted one or two pieces, depending on size. There is no theme present and no criteria required for the artists to follow, but many of the pieces were created within the last two years.

“You can see a huge variety in terms of the content and style and mediums, which points to the variety of interests in the faculty,” Symko said.

Alanna Derocchi, a term instructor of art in ceramics, has participated in the exhibition since she started teaching at UAA in 2013 and looks forward to seeing the diversity of art that the exhibition offers every two years.

“I feel very fortunate to work with so many talented, creative people and also be invited to show my recent work among theirs,” Derocchi said in an email. “I get to see what everyone has been up to in their own studios outside of teaching, and it can be really inspiring.”

Derocchi also sees the exhibition as an opportunity for students to get inspired and connect with their professors.

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“For students, I think the Kimura’s faculty exhibition is a great way for them to see that their professors also maintain an artistic career outside of teaching, complete with big projects and juggling deadlines with work and family,” she said. “I hope in some way it can encourage them towards pursuing their interests in art as a serious profession.”

The poster for Erudite Antics, also on display in the gallery, features a watercolor painting by Garry Mealor, an associate professor of art, drawing and watercolor. The piece, titled “Make Fast,” is a compilation of a dock in Maine and the Golden Gate Bridge.

“I honestly don’t know where the ideas come from. I just saw [the dock] and the way the shadows were, and I got my camera out, shot it and didn’t know where it was going to end up,” Mealor said. “Years later, I’m in San Francisco looking at the Golden Gate Bridge and I don’t know, they just seemed to both click.”

Mealor appreciates how much freedom there is in art and how UAA’s faculty embodies that in this exhibition.

“I’ve always felt like art chooses you,” he said. “We’re all over the place. There’s really no consistency in ideas or approaches, everybody’s going in different directions. If I was a student, that’s what I would want to see.”

Erudite Antics opens on Nov. 12 and will run for the remainder of the semester. The Faculty Biennial Exhibition is located in the Kimura Gallery on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building. The exhibition is open to view during the gallery’s hours from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. every week day. An opening reception will be held on Nov. 15 from 4 – 7 p.m.