Behind the decision to fire Shyiak

Dave Shyiak (Photo courtesy of
Dave Shyiak (Photo courtesy of

A statement was released March 27 by UAA announcing that the head coach of the hockey team, Dave Shyiak, will be departing from the program.

Athletics Director Steve Cobb said the university does not publicize reasons for personnel discharge.

However, he did say a change was needed for the direction the athletics department is trying to steer the program.

The hockey team has continued its woes under Shyiak, managing only a 0.179 winning percentage this season.

The ‘Wolves finished with a mere 10 wins the year before.

Cobb said the athletics department will be con­ducting a two-week ad to find a new coach.

From there, the department will select finalists and choose a new head coach for the 2013-14 season.

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“We hope to have our decision made by May,” Cobb said.

Cobb was positive when talking about the former coach.

“You know what, Coach Shyiak was a good man and he worked very hard,” Cobb said. “This is not pleasant, but it is a part of the job.”

How this will affect longtime Seawolf hockey fans depends solely on each individual.

Cobb said plenty of fans are happy about the choice, and plenty of fans are upset.

But as far as he’s concerned, they have nothing to worry about because he hopes Shyiak’s departure is the first step in the Seawolf hockey team’s quest to push for new heights in the upcoming year.