‘Battlefront’ leaves ‘Star Wars’ fans longing for more

At moments, “Star Wars Battlefront” feels like the quintessential “Star Wars” video game. For a “Star Wars” fan, this game is the pinnacle of visual and audible design in games. It’s definitely the prettiest game that this generation of consoles has seen thus far, with an insane attention to detail in every map, weapon, player, and starfighter. When the player joins their fellow Stormtroopers in clearing out a Rebel base, with TIE Fighters flying overhead and John Williams’ “Imperial March” triumphantly playing in the background, it’s hard not to feel giddy.

Unfortunately for “Battlefront,” that giddiness is fleeting. For as much as the developers at DICE have shown their love for the source material, the underlying game isn’t very deep. There also isn’t much content here. Of the twelve maps and nine modes, only a very few of them are worth playing. “Battlefront’s” sheen starts to wear off after a few hours, and it suffers without interesting gameplay to hold it up afterward.

For a great example of how “Battlefront” is lacking, look no further than the offline, single-player offerings. Whereas previous “Battlefront” games had campaigns based on “Star Wars” history, the new “Battlefront” only offers a few survival maps that can be played with a buddy. Almost the entire game is focused on playing with other human beings. There’s not much that this game has to offer for players going alone.

The game itself is good, but not great. While “Battlefront” wants to be a jack of all trades, it ends up being a master of none. Playing as a soldier on the ground is fun, but it lacks the depth of movement that games like “Titanfall” or the newer “Call of Duty’s” bring to the table. X-Wings and TIE Fighters are pretty fun to fly, but it’s not nearly as deep as something like “TIE Fighter” or “Rogue Squadron.” The rare moments where the player gets to play as famous characters like Luke or Han Solo are fun, but they lack the impact that the heroes of “Battlefront II” had.

This, in addition to EA’s grand plans for sequels and paid downloadable content, leads me to believe that “Battlefront” is not going to last long. That’s a shame. It’s clear that a lot of love and care went into making it. Without the free support that games like “Splatoon” or “Team Fortress 2” still get, “Battlefront” is going to slowly wither. With new sequels on the way, though, I guess that doesn’t matter.

Title: “Star Wars Battlefront”

Developer: DICE

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Platform: PS4, XBO, PC (Reviewed)

Genre: Multiplayer shooter

Release Date: November 17, 2015

Rating: 3