Atomic Games’ attempt to erdeem itself falls short

“Breach” is the title that Atomic Games made after their controversial “Six Days in Fallujah” tanked. Being a PC and XBOX 360-only downloadable title, and only being multiplayer friendly, it’s a fun little diversion. Not to mention the matches play hard and fast, so if you are looking for some quick action in between college classes, it’s a good choice.

Unfortunately, the game is laced with issues; it isn’t very user-friendly and it takes a lot of time to reap the benefits of your time. The game has no tutorial whatsoever, which is odd, since it has very proprietary controls and ways of play.

There are the standard modes such as ‘Team Death Match,’ ‘Convoy’ and the like, but the real source of fun is blowing away walls to find enemies in cover and taking them out. Nothing is more bladder-bursting than a wall exploding right next to you as you are lining up a shot.

Nearly everything in the world can be blown up, which adds to some tense moments. Know there’s an enemy above you? Blow away the ceiling and watch him fall to the floor below as you take pot-shots at him. It’s a fun little tactic.

The cover system works well, but the default key is oddly placed and needs to be remapped by the player almost immediately to make the game playable. Another gripe is that the game starts the player off with only one set of weapons per class. This leaves the player to earn equipment through matches from square one, but this model is not the most user-friendly. After awhile, the game opens up, but some players may not have the patience for it.

“Breach” is worth the 15 dollars, but only for the most hardcore of PC gamers that miss “Counter-Strike.” Taking in account all the time that will be wasted in this game, it’s a bit of commitment, and starting difficulty may turn away some gamers. Like the best things in life, good things come to those who wait.