Athletic department pushes forward after shaky turn of events

Despite the recent turn of events that left Anchorage shaking, the Alaska Airlines Center and Wells Fargo Sports Complex are still standing. However, there were a few issues that still need to be fixed in order for the facilities to run at their full potential.

Director of Athletics, Gregory Myford, and several others cleaning the area floor of the Alaska Airlines Center. Photo courtesy of Gregory Myford.

 With that being said, most teams were able to work around the issues with a few exceptions.

Head coach of the hockey team, Matthew Curley, moved practice to the Sullivan Arena after damage occurred to the rink from a broken water pipe near the ice sheet at the Wells Fargo Sports Complex.

The team’s schedule was not changed as they traveled to Minnesota recently.

“We moved our ice sessions to the Sullivan Arena for Monday and Tuesday in preparation for our games these upcoming weekends, all of which are on the road,” said Curley.

One of the team captains, Nils Rygaard, recalls how the team came together during that time.

“First of all, we texted in our group chat to make sure everybody was okay after the earthquake and that nobody got hurt,” said Rygaard. “Then Coach Curley called everybody in the team to make sure that our houses and apartments were all good.”

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Senior Malcolm Hayes is optimistic that the hockey team has done its best in continuing to prepare for upcoming games.

“I think the earthquake helped us grow,” said Hayes. “Because even with all the distractions, we’ve still been having great practices, which shows we’re still focused on our main goal of trying to win games… I think we’ve moved on and shouldn’t have any effects for upcoming games.”

The hockey team will continue to travel for the next few weeks and won’t host another game until January.

No damage was done to the pool at the Wells Fargo Sports Complex as it remains fully operational.

The Alaska Airlines Center had its share of broken glass, flooding, sheetrock and ceiling damage during the earthquake.

Due to the damage in the Auxiliary Gym of the Alaska Airlines Center, the annual Green & Gold meet hosted by the gymnastics team was cancelled.

As excited as she was to showcase her talent, gymnast Tere Alonso knows that it was the right choice.

“It was definitely the best decision to cancel the meet,” said Alonso. “The safety of the team, the public, staff and everyone involved is what is most important here, even if it means waiting to compete for a bit longer.”

The Gymnastics Studio is also damaged as practice has been relocated to Anchorage Gymnastics Association. As of Dec. 7, the team will not have any other scheduled meets until the season begins in January.

Similarly, flooding within the floor of the Alaska Airlines Center has moved the men and women’s basketball teams to Grace Christian School. No rescheduling or cancellations have had to been made because both teams do not have any home games scheduled for the time being.

Keeping that in mind, the effects of water damage cannot be fully be assessed until the arena floor has had ample time to dry.

Little to no damage has been recorded in the Dome, which has allowed for the track and field teams to continue their normally scheduled practice.