Army ROTC accepts Ranger challenge

The UAA Army ROTC Ranger Challenge team has left the building.

On Nov. 11, several cadets flew to California to compete in their first-ever Ranger Challenge Course. The course will test the cadets’ mental and physical endurance through various exercises.

Cadet Sergeant Kirby Hutchings, Public Affairs Officer for the UAA Army ROTC (Reserve Officer’s Training Corps), said the group is very excited because this is the first time they have sent anyone to competition.

“This happening is a big step for us because we put forward our own team.” Hutchings said.   “We’re facing off with some of the other great universities that have very, very good Ranger Challenge teams.”

The team will face challenges that include grenade launching, map reading, long-range marching and first aid provision.

The Army ROTC program began in 2009 and offers full-ride tuition scholarships as well as other allowances for books and fees.  The program has two, three and four year options that result in commission as a Second Lieutenant upon completion.  Members join either the National Guard, Reserves or they can go straight to Active Duty status.