Green fee sees good future with USUAA

Graphic by Vicente Capala

The green fee, which consisted of a three-dollar fee added onto tuition costs that will promote sustainability projects all across campus, was proposed late last September by USUAA and later voted on and approved by students in November.  Since the approval, USUAA has been working for several months to ensure that the green fee will be primarily managed and overseen almost completely by students.

On Friday Feb. 24, USUAA officially added a bylaw to their constitution stating how the green fee will be managed. A board will be created to approve students’ sustainability projects that they deem will be beneficial to the school as well as manage and distribute the funds the approved projects.

The board will consist of seven voting members. Director of Sustainability, will oversee all of the sustainability projects. The Director will recommend several faculty members for the USUAA President, to choose from as a faculty advisor. The student part of the board will consist of two members of the USUAA assembly and three students appointed by the USUAA President.

“I like that students will be in charge of this because we know what we want to see around our school. We rarely get to make such big decisions especially involving so much money,” said student Terry Davies.
With an average of 16,000 students enrolled every semester, if each student taking three of more credits paid the three-dollar fee, the board would have over $48,000 in funds to manage. Any money not used in the semester will roll into the next semester.

The fee, along with the board, will not be initiated until the Fall 2012 semester, but students are encouraged to start developing projects that they can propose to the board for the fall semester.
The full details of the new bylaws for the green fee can be found on USUAA’s web page.