Annual health fair in Rasumuson a collaboration among clubs, faculty and community members

UAA students have seen the busy, commotion-filled sea of bodies that fills Rasmuson Hall on a daily basis. Thursday, Oct. 14 was no different. On this particular day, it wasn’t just students that filled the halls.

As students walked the crowded corridor between classes, many stopped at the exhibits for UAA’s annual health fair held in Rasmuson. Everything from fitness to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) prevention had an exhibit where students could gain valuable information.

The emphasis this year was on having UAA student clubs collaborate with campus and community resources in providing information, hosting exhibits, and keeping the fair running smoothly, according to Betty Bang, who organized the event. Many student clubs got involved including: Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX), The Family, American Medical Student Association, Human Services Club, Psychology Club and the PE Majors club.

The event “gets the kids educated, and encourages their curiosity,” said DJ Wilhite, nursing major, who volunteered at the fair.

Through diligent preparation from staff and clubs, information was provided on a range of topics, such as fitness, breast cancer awareness, birth control methods, safe sex, HIV testing, domestic violence awareness, FASD prevention, alcohol education, winter safety, depression, Seasonal Affective Disorders and hypertension, according to Bang.

A lot of people are exposed to information they wouldn’t normally look up themselves, according to Sarah Cross, psychology major, who was examining the different exhibits.

Many students walked through and were offered breast cancer ribbons and additional valuable information on just about anything you could want to learn at a health fair. On this day, education left the class room and instead filled the halls.

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“Lots of people are passing by, and many are stopping and looking at our fact sheets. So they’re at least taking one thing with them,” President of VOX Elizabeth Daniel said.

Kristina Jensen stated that while students are more interested in birth control, she spoke to one student that didn’t know that men could get breast cancer.

“That proves that people are being educated here,” Jensen said.

The Student Health and Counseling Center sponsored the event. The center provides primary health services to students for physical and mental health, diagnosis, and treatment of general health and mental health conditions as well as education and support to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, according to their website.

The center also organizes many other events, including movie screenings. The upcoming screening will take place today, Tuesday, Oct. 19, in the Student Union Den. The featured movie for the event will be “The Hangover.”

Other upcoming events organized and hosted by the Student Health and Counseling Center include the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, an event educating students on alcohol and drug abuse.

Further, On Wednesday, Oct. 20, UAA will have a Virgin Bourban Street Bash from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Student Union, according to Bang.