Annual ‘Rondy Brew’ lacks festivity

RondyBrew 2010
Red Ale
Midnight Sun Brewing Co.
Anchorage, AK
5.5% ABV, 23 IBU

Fur Rendezvous is one of Anchorage’s longest running traditions. It was started in February 1935 as a three day sports festival scheduled over the time when Alaska miners and trappers would return to town after a winter in the woods and backcountry.

Anchorage’s own Midnight Sun Brewing has admirably taken on the task of brewing a special beer, “RondyBrew,” each year for the ten-day festivities of Fur Rendezvous.

However, this year’s brew, an Irish red ale created for a festival, was particularly un-festive.

“RondyBrew 2010” was not a bad Irish red; it was just nothing mirroring a celebration. It had a good amber color with some floral notes in the aroma. It was dry with good carbonation. It was hoppy, but with none of the floral aroma backed up in flavor. There was not much flavor at all, in fact.

Really, in the end, all “RondyBrew 2010” had to offer was its hops, which, having nothing to cut the bitterness, registered as over-powering, even with the ale’s light 23 IBU rating.

I’m sure the miners and trappers of our state’s past would certainly have taken just about any libation after a hard Alaska winter, but “RondyBrew 2010” weighed in as being nothing to bring them down out of the hills.